Monday, June 6, 2011

What Do You Think About This?

Gay softball league limit on straight players OK'd

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Basically, there is a ball league (pun intended) for gays and their rules say they can only have two "straight" men per team. A team was sued because it was supposedly violating the rule.

One argument is that they had men that were bisexual.

The other argument is that they were not "gay enough" and in fact could even have been ringers.

My intention is not really to discuss the issue of whether they should be allowed to discriminate because, quite frankly, the whole thing seems ridiculous.

To be honest, I'm not really against an all gay league. The only problem I would have is that these same people would never stop raising hell if someone were to form a league and exclude gays.

What caught my eye is the notion that a gay team would feel it necessary to bring in "straight" ringers and that other teams would fight it.

Is this an acknowledgement that fruits aren't as tough and athletic as real men?

What are your thoughts?


Brooke said...

I don't know about the toughness thing.

But I do know that, as you said, if an all-straight league were started the screeching would never, ever stop.

cube said...

I don't care. This is a non-issue to me except for bringing up the case, as Brooke did, that were heterosexuals to limit the gays on their team, the cries of discrimination would go all the way up to the Supreme Court.

Alligator said...

Brooke's point is succinct. This is a non-issue, it just shows where we have arrived as a society. PC now pretty much allows everyone to receive preferential treatment unless you are a white, middle-class, heterosexual, Christian male. Reverse discrimination is now AOK in the USA.

Mustang said...

I want Brooke to run for president in 2012.

Brooke said...

Hmmmm.... I'm not quite old enough yet according to the Constitution, but then again, our current president doesn't go by it's law anyway. ;)

Chuck said...

I agree with you all, and yes I agree that Brooke should run.

I do find it curious though that they feel a need to bring straights in as ringers. It seems as if it is an admission that they are not as strong.

Do I think gays are naturally weaker? No, I genuinely do not.

Just seems a little odd to me.

Z said...

maybe they bring in the straights to show they're OPEN MINDED? :-)

Mr. Z used to laugh at the Gay Parade in West Hollywood and say "You think it would be more or less than five minutes that it took to get us arrested if we formed a STRAIGHT PARADE?" :-)

The whole thing seems dumb...why can't gays play with straights? More division; but who's doing that now? THEY ARE. Don't let's hear them call anybody homophobic!

LASunsett said...

My thoughts? I really don't give a damn.

I wouldn't seek to be part of that quota, anyway.

Chuck said...

Z, good point. It's just tolerance on their part

LA, that is what I thought, who wants to join?

Brooke said...

I just thought of another division which hacks me off: The Black Entertainment Channel on TV.

I'm sure it would be perfectly fine to start a White Entertainment Channel, right?


LASunsett said...

//I'm sure it would be perfectly fine to start a White Entertainment Channel, right?//



Chuck said...

Brooke and LA, it never fails to amaze. White males are the only ones forbidden to do things like that

MK said...

"Is this an acknowledgement that fruits aren't as tough and athletic as real men?"

Sounds like it to me.

"To be honest, I'm not really against an all gay league."

I am, if we can't have an all straight league, then they cannot have an all fag league. The goal is supposed to be zero discrimination, not some allowed discrimination.