Monday, June 13, 2011

What Do You Think About This?

Semper No: Pennsylvania Marine Barred From Wearing Uniform at High School Graduation

Read the article.

This young lady got out of school early and went through basic training. She wants to wear her dress uniform for graduation and the school is saying no, she needs to wear the gown like everyone else.

What are your thoughts?

Should the school stand by it's dress code? No matter what?

Should the girl accept it?

Give me your thoughts.


Scotty said...

I think the school has the right to set the standard. I think if there had been "dispensations" in the past they wouldn't have a leg to stand on. Caps and gowns have been the tradition for years in most schools. I don't see the need to change.

As a veteran myself I would honor that right the school has and as a Marine, I think the young lady should have too.

Brooke said...

What a disgrace! The young woman is a prodigy and should be allowed to wear the uniform she earned!

I would not attend the graduation were I her. Let them mail me the diploma.

Z said...

I hope she wears the uniform under the graduation gown and whips it off proudly at the end of the graduation, in full view.
I think the school deserves uniformity in dress.
Actually, maybe she ought to SLOOOOWLY take it off...seductively, shoulder at a time, to make the school think she's.... ("Oh my GOSH, look at her!") :-) THEN, show the uniform!


At my nephew's graduation party, I met a classmate who's off to West Point...I said "Thank you for your service!" He said "Thanks, but I haven't served yet!"
Heck, I only meant to thank him for CONSIDERING serving us at the age of 18 :-) But, he was right!

Chuck said...

I have a tendency to agree with Scotty.

My first reaction was the school should let her do it but then as I thought about it, I sided with the school.

-It is a uniform and the expectation is all are to wear it. Now with this said, they need to stick with this. As an example, they should not allow an Islamic scarf instead of the graduation cap. That is often my problem with issues with this, it is not evenly enforced.

-She knew this going in. These were the rules and she wants to change them after the fact, I have a problem with this.

-She needs to respect the adherence to uniformity and teamwork that she should have learned about in the Marines. Graduation is not about individuality but is about the entire class.

-The colors of the gown are usually (at least in our area) selected by some sort of vote of the student body, she needs to respect that.

While I can see Brooke and Z's point and I was leaning that way initially, it seems a little selfish of her to expect the school to change their rules for her.

In other words, I see this more as her issue than the school's.

Z said...

Chuck, I said UNDER the gown...she should honor the school's dress codes, in my opinion. I agree with all your points.

I'm trying to find the blog which scared me to death either yesterday or MOnday about Leon Panetta and his background...and now he's IN as Pentagon Defense Chief. OH, mY GOD!
I can't remember who it was; did you happen to see it?

Chuck said...

Z, sorry - not paying attention. This is what I thought would be a good compromise, wear it under the gown and take pictures after

cube said...

I'm of two minds about this issue and I agree with Z. Wear your uniform under the cap & gown. Perfect compromise. Everyone wins.

Chuck said...

Cube, that is where I come down

Phill Senters said...

I agree with Chuck. If they change the rules for anyone, then there is no rule. They'd have to allow anyone to wear just about anything they want.

Chuck said...

Phil, agreed. Burqas anyone?