Monday, June 20, 2011

What Do You Think About This?

Congressional members from both parties are pressuring Obama to ask for congressional approval for the US' actions in Libya under the war powers act.

In the latest attempt to get him to do it, they are threatening to cut off funding for the "kinetic military action" as Obama puts it.

So, the question is two-fold this week.

Should Obama be required to ask approval under the war powers act? Does it qualify? Is it a "war" instead of a simple military action? Does asking him tie the hands of the President to rapidly respond to an emerging crisis? Should Obama, given his status as the first black President and an all-around great guy, be exempt when other Presidents would not?

Secondly, does cutting off funding go too far? Is this a legitimate exercise of Congressional powers or is it using politics to get a point across at the risk of endangering our troops?

What are your thoughts?


Brooke said...

If Bush had done this the MSM would be screeching about the 'illegal war.'

Obama should have to seek approval from Congress if he is going to continue to maintain a presence in Libya. Otherwise the Commander in Chief can call anything a 'military exercise' and do what he will.

I don't think cutting funding is too far. Sure, it may be a political ploy but a necessary one for raining in this President... and the troops can't be at risk if they aren't there in the first place.

Always On Watch said...

I call BS on the term "kinetic military action"! What a euphemism!

I believe that Obama should have to seek approval from Congress to continue in Libya -- the principles of federalism at stake.

Cutting funds is within Congressional power. If Obama knows that is on the table, he should cease "kinetic military action" at once.

LASunsett said...

Cut it off. We have no boots on the ground. We have no vested interest in throwing the bum out of power. So what if we ground a few planes?

Chuck said...

Brooke, I agree but one thing to think about is how it will be spun by the media. The GOP will be ripped for sacrificing the troops for a political point

AOW, nice huh?

LA, very good point. Personally I think we need to bomb his palace and drop one on his head for the Lockerbie bombing. Then come home.