Sunday, July 31, 2011

Absence For Awhile

I am sorry that I have not been around for the last few days and have not been responding to your comments on my site. My grandmother is quite ill and it is unlikely she will be with us for more than a couple of more days.

I just returned from the Flint area and will probably work tomorrow and go back after work to be with her and my family.

I will likely be away form the blog world for most of the next week.

Keep us in your thoughts and I will return when I can.


Friday, July 29, 2011

What If A Major Newspaper Had Said This About Obama?

Chris Christie: Does he have the look of a president?

Flash back to the summer of 2007. The country is in the grip of a heat wave. There are two wars going on. The economy though, only one year into Democratic control of Congress, was still going pretty good.

The Wall Street Journal runs this op-ed:

Barack Obama: Does he have the look of a president?

How do you think that would have been received around the country?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Stupid Just Keeps Coming

"I've said time and time again, if the President gets up to August 2nd, without a piece of legislation, he should not allow this country to go into default. He should sign an Executive Order invoking the 14th Amendment and send that to all the governmental agencies for us to continue to pay our bills. He could do that with a stroke of a pen.

"We've seen many big things done in history that way. I've joked with my staff the other day, 'tele me what was the bill number of the Emancipation Proclamation.' It was an Executive Order. We integrated the armed services by Executive Order. We integrated public schools by Executive Order. Sometimes executives must order that things get done."

James Clyburn (Duh, SC)

Yesterday these dumbasses were saying the GOP was trying to set up a dictatorship. Today they want Obama to piss on the Constitution.

Also, notice everything he mentioned was race-based. Why is it that liberals always see the world through race?

"What we're trying to do is save the world from the Republican budget. We're trying to save life on this planet as we know it today."

Nancy Pelosi (Duh, CA)

Actually Bill Kristol said it best when he pointed out that the world is in a mess right now so saving it as it is today is not much of a goal. It may be telling though. Maybe the Dims want to preserve the status quo?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just When You Thought You Saw Stupid

Debbie Wasserman Schultz says GOP seeks ‘dictatorship … spark panic'

The GOP wants to set up a dictatorship? With what...Obama as the dictator?

Maybe I'm naive but I read a comment from one of these dumbass Democrats and I think that it has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Next thing I know one of them, lately more often than not it seems like it has been Wasserman, opens their mouth and there is a whole new level of idiocy.

Is there a bottom to this well?

Monday, July 25, 2011

What Do You Think About This?

Amy Winehouse dead after 'drink and drugs binge'

Read the article

I find it sad that this woman has lost her life at the age of 27. I realize it was self-inflicted but that's irrelevant now.

What I find the saddest is how these people destroy their lives in front of others and no one does anything to stop them.

I realize there is personal responsibility and I believe she should have taken better care of herself.

What I find disturbing in a lot of these cases, Kurt Cobain, Anna Nicole Smith, etc. is that they clearly were all mentally ill. They exhibited disturbing behavior, had people all around them, yet everyone stood around and watched.

They are simply a meal ticket for the business people and parasite friends around them.

Just two days ago neighbours said they saw her arrive in a cab with Big Brother star Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace. She collapsed when she got out of the taxi and had to be carried inside.

What do you think? Am I wrong? Are these people solely responsible for their lives? Are they people they work for, agents, producers, executives responsible in any way? Is there a moral issue for the people in their lives to say "enough is enough"?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Quote Of The Week

“The president’s worried about his next election, but my God, shouldn't we be worried about the country?”...“I'm not worried about the next election. I told the president months ago: Forget about the next election!”

John Boehner, Speaker of the House

This is about the budget deal Congress and the White House is working on. Obama is insisting on having a deal that carries them through next year, past the election. He doesn't want to have to face this again next year before the election.

Only one question, if he is doing the right thing for the country shouldn't he want to showcase it during the re-election campaign next year?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

More This Can't Be Good For Obama

Poll: Weakened Obama would lose vote today

This article was about a poll done by a Democratic polling firm. It is not a poll by Fox News or any other supposed right leaning polling firm. With that in mind, let's see the Dims explain this one away.

Anyways, to the point. This is the statistic from the article that is the most damaging for The One:

For the first time in a year, Mr. Obama does not lead former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in Public Policy Polling's monthly national poll on the 2012 presidential race. They are tied at 45 percent, and Mr. Obama is losing among independent voters by a margin of 49 percent to 44 percent.

Worse for Mr. Obama, PPP said, the "vast majority" of undecideds disapprove of the president's performance. The survey of registered voters was conducted July 15-17.

We can talk all we want about numbers. How strong his support is among blacks, women, independents, etc. But when a "vast majority" of undecideds disapprove of his job performance, he has a mountain to climb.

Undecideds decide elections. When you start out with most of them having a negative opinion of a candidate, it's not good.

Further, look at the data set they used - registered voters.

Using registered voters is an old trick of the Democratic Party and other left leaning polling organizations to show their chosen candidate to be stronger than what they may really be. When registered voters are polled the data tends to be biased towards Democrats because the data set includes voters who are registered but do not vote. Democratic voters have a higher representation in this group because they tend to be less reliable voters.

Often the more reliable data set is that of "likely voters". These are the ones who really matter. It is irrelevant what someone who does not vote thinks about an election, they have no bearing on the final result.

The point is, this poll could potentially be worse news for Obama than what the numbers show. And these numbers aren't good.

Obviously one could say "but Chuck, the election is more than a year away". They would be right but soon it will 9 months, and then 6 months, and then...

I believe that Presidents reach a point in which voters make a decision about them and once this point is reached, there is no coming back. Bush's point came when the photo of him looking at the devastation of Hurricane Katrina from the window of Air Force One was plastered all over the media. I think this perception of him being uncaring was unfair, if he would have landed he would have been equally attacked by the media for doing so for a photo-op. The bottom line is Hurricane Katrina represents one of the biggest hit jobs by the media in modern times. Fair or not though, his reputation never recovered.

I don't think Obama's tipping point has been as pronounced but I think his Teflon armor began wearing off in the Gulf oil spill. His inaction, his criticism (from the golf course) of the BP CEO for going to a boat race, the arrogance and lack of concern for the residents of the effected states left a bad taste in the mouths of the public and his polling numbers have never really covered from it.

Finally, the GOP cannot feel too comfortable yet.

There are still voters who do not approve of Obama that are undecided. These people could still hold their nose and vote for him. It will be of small comfort while suffering under four more years of Obama to know that some of his voters did not actually like him.

Obviously a large part of this is because there is not a clear front runner for the GOP and the candidates with the most press so far are uninspiring. The reality is though that this could be an election that is the GOP's to lose.

We just need to put up a viable candidate (and running mate) and telecast a strong, consistent message.

Do this and this one could be in the bag.

Friday, July 22, 2011

New Harvard Study, Only The GOP Likes The Flag

Okay, the title is a little misleading. The article actually said seeing the flag makes people more likely to vote Republican.

Add this to another Harvard study that says 4th of July parades make people more likely to vote Republican and one can see why the left is so intent on burning the flag.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Allen West Fights Back, Leaves Democrats Confused And Hurt

House Democrats Rip GOP Rep. West Over Email to Party Chairwoman


There has been a lot of anxiety among Democratic House members over the last couple of days.

Congresswoman and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz used her time at the podium to attack Congressman and fellow Floridian Allen West, after he had left the chamber.

"The gentleman from Florida, who represents thousands of Medicare beneficiaries, as do I, is supportive of this plan that would increase costs for Medicare beneficiaries. Unbelievable from a member from south Florida."

Unhappy about this personal attack behind his back, West sent an e-mail to the Congresswoman and other House members calling her out on it.

Among other things, he was calling her "the most vile, unprofessional and despicable" member of the House.

This has left Democrats in Congress confused and hurt. They did not realize that a Republican was supposed to respond to attacks by a Democrat. This had never happened before and they don't like it, it made them feel uncomfortable.

They, of course, were careful about how they responded. They trotted out the Congressional Black Caucus to help them because he's, you know, black. They would not want to be seen publicly disagreeing with a black man, this could be viewed as racist.

They are so upset they are now asking for campaign funds to try to defeat him next year. I mean, we can't have these uppity Republicans talking back to Democrats. Next thing you know, they'll want to vote in elections.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What Do You Think About This?

I decided to go a little more lighthearted this week.

Furthermore, I mean no disrespect.

I have to ask though. If Jesus were to reveal himself to us today, do you think he would do it on a Walmart cash register receipt?

Go look at the picture, it's worth it.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Quote Of The Week

"I am particularly sensitive to the fact that only this president — only this one, only this one — has received the kind of attacks and disagreement and inability to work, only this one,"

"Read between the lines,"..."What is different about this president that should put him in a position that he should not receive the same kind of respectful treatment of when it is necessary to raise the debt limit in order to pay our bills, something required by both statute and the 14th amendment?"

"I hope someone will say that what it appears to be is not in fact accurate,"..."But historically it seems to be nothing more."

"I do not understand what I think is the maligning and maliciousness [toward] this president,”...“Why is he different? And in my community, that is the question that we raise. In the minority community that is question that is being raised. Why is this president being treated so disrespectfully? Why has the debt limit been raised 60 times? Why did the leader of the Senate continually talk about his job is to bring the president down to make sure he is unelected?”

Sheila Jackson Lee in response to Republicans battling Obama on the debt ceiling.

You have to excuse Ms Lee, she's crazy.

She thinks Tea Party members are former KKK. She thinks that North and South Vietnam are living side-by-side in peace. She also has inquired about the flag that Neil Armstrong planted on Mars.

The only question here is, who else is surprised it took so long for the race card to come out on this recent fight?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What Do You Think About This?

This is a day late due to life. I have simply been too busy lately between working a lot of overtime and my son's graduation/open house to have a lot of time left over for blogging.

A new poll among Iowa caucus voters shows Michelle Bachmann leading in the state and beating Romney by 4 points.

On top of possibly winning Iowa, I think she plays well in the next few races. New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, and Florida are next followed by Super Tuesday in which 14 states hold primaries (1, Montana, is a caucus).

I see her Tea Party message doing well South Carolina, Nevada, and Florida. New Hampshire may be a bit more of a toss-up due to Romney's regional advantage and a left of center tilt in the state.

As far as the Super Tuesday states (Alabama, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Montana Republican caucuses, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Utah), I see her doing well Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. Possibly being competitive in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, New Jersey, and New York. Utah likely belongs to Romney.

So, the point is, she could come out of Super Tuesday with a significant amount of momentum.

What do you think about this?

What are your thoughts on the early primaries above? Agree or disagree with my prognostication?

Does Rick Perry entering the race, if he does, change the calculus? How?

Most importantly, would Bachmann winning the nomination be a good thing? Is she a viable candidate? Is she Presidential? Most importantly, can she beat Obama?

What are your thoughts?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Quote Of The Week

"Slavery had a disastrous impact on African-American families, yet sadly a child born into slavery in 1860 was more likely to be raised by his mother and father in a two-parent household than was an African-American baby born after the election of the USA's first African-American President,"

Passage from The Marriage Vow – A Declaration of Dependence Upon Marriage and Family.

This is a passage from a document authored by The Family Leader, an Iowa conservative group.

Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum signed this document as a candidate pledge with the intention of supporting the family values the group holds to.

Bachmann is being attacked for signing the pledge, as far as I know Santorum is not. Bachmann is currently a threat to the left, Santorum is not. This tells me that this is just another incidence of false outrage from the left. Just more of them using minorities for political leverage.

I digress though.

The point of this post is the quote itself. What do you think about it? Is it untrue? Is there anything in there that supports slavery? Did it not start with "Slavery had a disastrous impact on African-American families"?

I posted a blog a few days ago about how 4 out of 10 children born in Michigan were born to single mothers. How is the above statement untrue?

Why are we so afraid to have this conversation?

Share your thoughts.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ya Gotta Love It

Memorial pays $700,000 settlement to injured child of undocumented immigrant


So, this woman comes to the US to have an anchor baby. The hospital screws up. She gets 700 grand.

Think I'm being too cynical?

Fischer said the baby’s father was deported to his native Mexico, though he said he did not know when.

“I think it was a weapons possession or something like that,” he said.

What do you think the odds are that daddy has already slipped back across the border and is sitting in the living room of their apartment?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4 in 10 Michigan births in 2009 delivered by unmarried women

This is up from 34% in 2000. We are not addressing the source of poverty in the US, we are perpetuating it.

Detroit leads the nation in having the worst graduation rate for it's public schools. 25% of 9th graders entering Detroit public schools this fall will not graduate.

None of this is a coincidence.

The problem is, as I recently wrote about, is that no one seems to have an answer and many (mostly on the left) don't want a solution.

We better wake up, because we may looking at the future of the country. With us becoming an entitlement society, having an aging work force, and current job production primarily in the government sector, uneducated fatherless children are not what we need to produce to support our economy later.

Anyone else see a major-league meltdown on the horizon for the US economy?

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July, The Far-Right Holiday

Harvard: July 4th Parades Are Right-Wing

Read the article.

Only a college, full of far-left loons, could make a holiday celebrating the United States' independence from the United Kingdom a sad occasion.

Actually, if you read the article there is some good news in it. Younger people who go to 4th of July parades are more likely to become Republicans and adults are more likely to vote Republican.

So, promote those parades.

Have a Happy and safe 4th of July

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Quote Of The Week

"When I look around this room, I see America's future. Our doctors, our teachers, our nurses, our engineers, our scientists, our soldiers, our Congressman, our Senators and maybe our President."

Senator Dick Durbin, looking around a hearing room of illegal immigrants.

I have two questions here.

-Why weren't these people arrested? It was a group of illegal immigrants, sitting in a hearing room in the United States Senate. How is that okay?

-Has any Democratic member of Congress ever read the Constitution of the United States of America?

"No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President."

Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5