Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4 in 10 Michigan births in 2009 delivered by unmarried women

This is up from 34% in 2000. We are not addressing the source of poverty in the US, we are perpetuating it.

Detroit leads the nation in having the worst graduation rate for it's public schools. 25% of 9th graders entering Detroit public schools this fall will not graduate.

None of this is a coincidence.

The problem is, as I recently wrote about, is that no one seems to have an answer and many (mostly on the left) don't want a solution.

We better wake up, because we may looking at the future of the country. With us becoming an entitlement society, having an aging work force, and current job production primarily in the government sector, uneducated fatherless children are not what we need to produce to support our economy later.

Anyone else see a major-league meltdown on the horizon for the US economy?


cube said...

I've been seeing a meltdown in the black culture for years. Look at the recent outbreak of what the media euphemistically refers to a "flash mob".

When whites "flash mob" at a Food Court at a mall, they sing Christmas carols or just appear somewhere, en masse, and not hurt anyone.

These violent mobs by black, yes, I said it, black people where they rob establishments and beat passersby isn't a flash mob, it's
a riot. Something needs to be done about it... but don't count on Holder's DOJ doing anything about infringing on the black youths.

Z said...

"Anyone else see a major-league meltdown on the horizon for the US economy?"
are you kidding, Robert Browning? LET ME COUNT THE WAYS.

Isn't this a sad post. It used to be that fine American family daughters wouldn't DREAM of having children out of wedlock but then the leftwing TV/FILM industry made it popular with Murphy Brown, etc etc.
And, really, if one more person says ART FOLLOWS LIFE, I'll scream.
Sure, things happened years ago, girls got pregnant, etc., but we didn't celebrate it and they found nice families to raise the child.

We paid black families for the father to leave....real good idea (not) pathetic.
And then Planned Parenthood was thought up by Sanger mostly to kill black children in the womb.....a secret leftwingers don't like exposed too much.
And now this....what horrid stats...and those POOR KIDS. And, brother, look at cube's comment; she's so right...we're now reaping what was sown a few years ago... how do we stop all of this without sounding 'holier than thou?'...

Today, it's all about making sure everybody 'feels good'...never feels criticized, corrected, WRONG (God forbid...oh, wait, which god and who says there's a right and wrong, right?)
and we are paying for it...
sorry to blather on and on...I could go pages, as you know!

Chuck said...

Cube, we are way past time for having that conversation nationally. As far as Holder, he's too busy investigating white police officers.

Z, go on as you wish. Our culture has definitely changed.

Always On Watch said...

From the article:

About half of all births were to mothers eligible for Medicaid.

Yet another burden for the taxpayers!

BTW, the problem of unwed mothers is rife in the white suburbs here in the D.C. area. It has become fashionable to be a single teenage mother!

Z said...

AOW's right; this isn't only a black problem; single motherhood by choice is rampant here, too.
There's a mom here where I live and it's so sad to 'gootchikoo' that baby and know he'll never know his father. There's almost a sense for me that "something's missing" when I see him and his mother and grandparents even as they celebrate his birth.
I always somehow get a deeply sad feeling when I see him. I guess it's just my traditional values getting in the way, but I can't help it. He's an adorable boy, he did nothing wrong and didn't ask for no daddy,'s very sad to me.
At least they can afford him financially....nobody's going on the dole at that house.

cube said...

Anne Coulter visits this problem in today's column Casey Anthony: Single Mom Of The Year

Mustang said...

Chuck, I see so many meltdowns on the horizon that I think another civil war is likely.

Chuck said...

AOW and Z, absolutely correct, it's not about race. I think race has become virtually irrelevant anymore (except when used as a weapon by the left).

Cube, that was a great piece by Coulter

Mustang, I hope you are not right