Friday, July 22, 2011

New Harvard Study, Only The GOP Likes The Flag

Okay, the title is a little misleading. The article actually said seeing the flag makes people more likely to vote Republican.

Add this to another Harvard study that says 4th of July parades make people more likely to vote Republican and one can see why the left is so intent on burning the flag.


Always On Watch said...

Yet another push to get the American flag out of the classroom. Watch for that in the future.

Z said...

I'm sorry this story didn't make it bigger on the network news, CNN,etc., if it was mentioned at all.
These are the types of stories that must get out there to show AMericans what they're not quite understanding.
When did this country stoop so low that the flag is now an extremely unwelcome site?
thanks to the left.
Here's the worst part; there's someone who knows enough America-haters that he feels he can say this with absolutely no criticism.

dmarks said...

Hatred of the Flag is hatred of this nation, its people, and its Constitution.

cube said...

Haters of the American flag should try living under the flag of another country. That should make them homesick for Old Glory or, at the very least, get them out of our hair.

Alligator said...

Z part of the reason that the network news, CNN etc. does not cover this story more in depth is because they are part of the problem, not the solution. Many if not most of the anchors, producers, directors and reporters by into this kind of thinking. They see it as normal progress in moving away from nationalistic societies into a global one.

Chuck said...

AOW, need to make room for the Mexican flag

Z, just your usual garbage from a college campus

Dmarks, dead on

Cube, don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you is what I always say.

Alligator, good point on the global government

Phill Senters said...

What happens to people who burn their flags in other countries? I bet they are prosecuted or probably worse.

Chuck said...

Phil, yes but they can burn ours there

Z said...

Alligator; My blog deals mostly with the media bias so I do know that; but as completely cynical as I am about the mainstream media, I still get surprised at SUCH amazing exclusions of stories like this.
Imagine if we didn't have Conservative blogs or FOX? At least, on FOX, one can hear both sides.
If Americans heard these stories, they'd be stunned.
Of course, if we'd had an honest media in 2008, we wouldn't have Obama.

MK said...

Always has a point, i didn't think of that, but she's right.

leftards can always stop denigrating the flag, then people might stop thinking they're the party of treacherous ratbags. Just a thought.