Friday, July 29, 2011

What If A Major Newspaper Had Said This About Obama?

Chris Christie: Does he have the look of a president?

Flash back to the summer of 2007. The country is in the grip of a heat wave. There are two wars going on. The economy though, only one year into Democratic control of Congress, was still going pretty good.

The Wall Street Journal runs this op-ed:

Barack Obama: Does he have the look of a president?

How do you think that would have been received around the country?


Alligator said...

There was a time the national media TRIED to be objective in its reporting. Edward R. Murrow, considered by many one of best American newsmen of all time, said the following: "Everyone is a prisoner of his own experiences. No one can eliminate prejudices - just recognize them."

Unfortunately, today's media not only do not recognize their prejudices - they think they have none! So they have become cheerleaders for the administration and the house organ for the Democrat Party. They have fooled themselves into believing this posture is impartial, objective and mainstream thought.

The Democrat party has gone so far left of the Constitution and traditional American values, it should be renamed the Soros Party. I have written them off. But even with the Republicans, Libertarians or any self-described conservative, I try to maintain a healthy does of skepticism. Too many people say one thing and do another.

I could only wish that the media would try to have a little healthy skepticism about Obama and his minions, but the MSM started selling their souls to the Left in the 1960s. They are now part of the problem, not the solution.

Z said...

Frankly, until I saw him in that outfit with no suit jacket, I didn't think he was THAT heavy. Having said that, he doesn't look too good, or healthy, frankly, but imagine if ANYBODY dared say anything about Obama's appearance?
But didn't Biden or some other lib say he was clean cut? :-) (implication: for a black man...but that awful comment was barely mentioned in the msm, of course)

Do I think Christie could win looking like he does? Frankly, no, surprisingly enough.

Do you?
By the way, picture the debates if he did: Christie and skinny Obama...ugh

Always On Watch said...

Ye, gods! If somebody had said that about Obama, the race card would have been played over and over again.

Z said: By the way, picture the debates if he did: Christie and skinny Obama...ugh.

The Nixon-Kennedy debates forever changed one of the requirements for being President: looking good.

The television medium has damaged the integrity of the political process, IMO.

Chuck said...

Alligator, the scariest part of the left is they believe this crap

Z, before life threw me a curve this weekend I was going to write a post tomorrow floating the idea of a Perry/Christie ticket. I think this may be a winner. Let the left openly attack him on his weight, there are a lot of over-weight voters

AOW, it is a sad way to elect a president.

Z said...

Chuck, I'm not 100% sold on Perry but I DO think he could win (Hey, that DOES make me 100% sold on ANYBODY:)

You're right about Christie....think of the people the left would offend if they mentioned weight.
Hey, I LIKE THAT :-)

cube said...

A major newspaper would NEVER say something like that about Obama. A republican is fair game... a democrat isn't.

MK said...

That sort of headline would show you how thin-skinned and fragile liberals really are.

Loren Christie said...

A Christie in the White House ... that would be very cool.