Sunday, August 21, 2011

Quote Of The Week

"I was praying Perry would get in the race,"

Former Obama official and current campaign operative

What do you think about this? Is Perry the preferred candidate? Is Romney more dangerous to them?

Let's examine some plus/minuses of Rick Perry as I think they see it (followed by my thoughts):

-His mouth is his own worst enemy.

Not impossible they're wrong but this is an easy one to fix this early on. Also is offset by Obama and Biden's mouth. The real ace in the hole for Obama is the media. Perry's gaffes will be reported, Obiden's will not.

To their credit Romney could be more formidable because he is a little more polished. I wonder though if sometimes this is a turn-off for voters. Sometimes these types of politicians come off as stiff.

-Too much swagger.

Is this a real minus? A subdued McCain looked old and tired during the last election, how'd that work out for us? I wonder if a little swagger is what the GOP needs. We have a tendency to look like the stuffed suit crowd. I think this is one of the reasons Bush was fairly well liked early on and won re-election, he could go to a BBQ or county fair and look like he belonged. A little swagger may help with younger voters and some men too.

Also possible the Obama camp is right here. Again Romney appears more calm and reserved. I go back to my above point though and wonder if this is a plus. Romney feels as if you are voting for your dad. Perry is kind of like the cool if a little eccentric uncle. Which would voters choose?

-Too conservative for main street America.

See above comment about McCain. We tried a RINO last time and conservatives stayed home. Shame on them, they gave us Obama. The point is though, do we repeat the same mistake? Albert Einstein said it best: Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Also, Perry has some liberal skeletons in his closet that he needs to explain to the right. This may blunt any "too conservative" narrative.

-Tied to Bush/is from Texas

I think this is a non-starter and will likely only play on the far left. Anyone paying attention will know Perry and Bush are not exactly tied at the hip, they have had a bit of a love/hate relationship for a long time. Second, Rove is critical of Perry and it's not likely Rove would have done this if Perry and Bush were friends.

So, is Team Obama right? Is Rick Perry the push-over and Mitt Romney the threat? Or, is this gamesmanship in which they are trying to poison Perry and try to bring in Romney. In other words, reverse psychology?

Finally, when are we conservatives going to stop letting the left define us? This is one thing I like about Perry and the only thing I liked about Trump, they are willing to kick some ass. This election is not going to be won by Romney lecturing us on the economy and explaining how he is going to fix it. It is going to be won by Perry calling Obama out on how he has destroyed the economy and explaining how he will bring his Texas-style job creation to the rest of the country.


Ticker said...

Perry's swagger and demeanor often reminds me of Reagans. His speech is not as polished as Reagans but the style and a lot of ideology is there. What do you think>

Chuck said...

Ticker, I was actually thinking of Reagan. He seems like someone who can fire up, the base. Maybe even bring on some youth, they are looking for an alternative to Obama.

MK said...

Reverse psychology, i think we should wait and see how the left react to Perry, it's not like he's the candidate or something, there is still time and judging from the shrill cries from the left, he's more their nightmare than dream come true.

Phill Senters said...

I think maybe they're trying reverse psychology on us concerning Perry. It seems to me that he did not commit gaffes, but rather speaks the truth bluntly which the Obummernuts are trying to make us think are gaffes. So far he has stuck by his words without backing down when they call him out on em. I think he has more potential than Romney.

Chuck said...

MK, agreed. I think he's one of the few that can beat Obama and they know it.

Phil, I think he has far more potential than Romney. He does need to refine the message a bit though.

Always On Watch said...

Perry is, thus far, the only electable GOP candidate who is willing to confront Obama in a manner that gives voice to what so many of us believe and feel.

BTW, check out the graphic I posted yesterday; it relates to your post.

Alligator said...

I'm still evaluating Perry, but as the campaign progresses there will be so much disinformation spread in an attempt to derail candidates and confuse and divide the electorate, it is going to make your head explode. And since the MSM is the house organ of the Democrat party, it is going to be very tough for many citizens to know exactly what is going on.

cube said...

I don't believe what the left says about my candidates. I think I will make up my own mind.

Z said...

I believe Perry's been right in all his 'gaffes'...

and I think he's smarter than they like to admit: If you'll notice, he suddenly totally bumped Romney out of the picture by attacking Obama and Bernanke. Suddenly, it's an Obama v Perry race in everyone's minds.

The media's scared of EVERY Republican, but I think this one makes them more scared.

Romney's building a huge house in La Jolla, California (one of the most gorgeous spots anywhere, right on the ocean)...that's going to get difficult play for him, too.

And, Chuck, you're so right...we DO let the leftwingers define us.
Republicans are so afraid of SPEAKING OUT because they get such flack; meanwhile, a VP calls us TERRORISTS and John Kerry tells the media to stop covering the Tea Parties and so MANY things are said which would CRUCIFY the Republicans and this stuff is not mentioned at CNN or MSNBC or NY Times, etc... disgusting.

they'll win if this can they lose?

Maybe RIck Perry.

Please, God, let Paul Ryan run :-)

Chuck said...

AOW, I'm thinking Perry is the one to beat

Alligator, the GOP needs to step up and define him themselves

Z, the GOP needs to yell so loud the media has to pay attention. What about Perry/Ryan?

Z said...

I'd vote for Perry/Ryan.....

today, I'm reading Perry'd 'consider' running with Bachmann as VP. I doubt she'd take VP position, how about you?

I heard again that Ryan said no, but I'm hoping that was a quote from the past and he's still reconsidering as he was said he might last week.