Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What Do You Think About This?

Louisiana police: Father confesses to decapitating special-needs son


Read the above article.

I am not asking what you think of the man's actions, any comment you could make would likely get my site shut down by blogger.

The question is, is there real evil in the world?

I realize the man is mentally ill, completely flippin nuts quite frankly. But does that fully explain this crime?

This is a question I have pondered before.

Charles Manson. It is likely you have all seen the infamous close-up pictures of his face. Really look at his eyes. Is that just mental illness?

Adolf Hitler. 6 million jews killed, 1 million of them children.

The Pol Pot regime, Joseph Stalin, history is littered with them.

So, are these people insane? Are they opportunistic politically and simply sociopaths? Or, is it possible that some of these people are manifestations of evil on earth? Does that exist? What are your thoughts?


Z said...

....and are there really cops who can't tell a real head from a CPR head even up close?

re this 'father'.....you're right, there are no words. I come from a Christian point of view, so you're in for it now :-):

Yes, there IS evil in this world but our churches don't teach it because Satan isn't a 'feel good' sermon topic. If you are a Christian and believe in the BIble (It is, after all, the ONLY thing that 'informs' the faith...the ONLY thing), then how can we deny there's evil on this earth when we're told this 293847298734987 times??

Getting off my Holy Roller soapbox now......

Always On Watch said...

How could any human being do that to a child?

I know that caregivers can snap. But to decapitate a disabled child? I do call that evil.

Was drug use involved? I have to wonder.

Chuck said...

Z, I tend to agree with you. Good point on the head although it was not clear how far away they were. To be fair to the police it is unthinkable that it would be a real head. Sometimes the mind sees what it wants to.

AOW, I always wonder - how can a person go that far down? There has to be an explanation such as it being evil.

MK said...

I'm just glad you folks still have the death penalty, at least there's a good change he'll be executed.

Brooke said...

Unreal. That guy could've taken the kid to the police dept, child services, ect if he truly couldn't deal with it. But to make sure the mom would see the kid's head on the way home after brutally decapitating a CHILD?!?

Yes, that is evil.

And AMEN, Z!!! I work every Sunday now in clients' homes and they often have TBN and the like on TV. NEVER do I hear a brimstone sermon. Actually, every single one is about TITHING and DONATING to the church... Not that you shouldn't, but it is ad nauseum to the point of being merely a racket.

LASunsett said...

Is there evil? Forget theology for a moment, just for the sake of what I am going to say.

Humanists, atheists, and agnostics are apt to say there is no evil because that would signify there has to be a source of evil, which would lead to a source of good, which could lead to the possibility of a God. And, they cannot have that. They use what they think is logic to explain things like what you describe and the act undertaken by this roused bastard.

But to use a measure of logic, we do know that we cannot recognize evil without knowing what good is. And vice versa.

How do we know hot unless we know cold?

In each case, there is a cause.

Hot means molecules are moving faster and creating energy emitted as heat. Cold means they are moving slower and not creating as much energy, so there is an absence of heat, which makes it cold.

Good is the presence of something positive that edifies a human being. Evil can be the absence of that positive force. So theology aside, it makes sense that there is evil in the world and it can be the absence of many positive things that drive an individual.

The lack of a conscience has always been something that causes a murderer to murder, the lack of empathy and respect for another life also.

But just so you know where I do stand, I do believe in an evil entity that depraves people by depriving them of a sound experiential knowledge of God.

Alligator said...

All that has to happen for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing. Think of the social position you are creating when you say there is "no evil". You can excuse all kinds of bad behavior up to and including mass murder.

I am interested in anthropology and every culture on the planet has had some kind of concept of good and evil. From that developed some kind of moral code about what was or was not acceptable in that society. That is one thing that I was always taught differentiates humans from animals: we can make choices.

Dropping the concept of evil seems pretty much to be a construct by European/American "intellectuals" that starts taking off in the 19th century, but really takes off in the 20th century.

In several places, the Bible warns of the wicked who will justify or excuse their crimes, saying they have done now wrong. It also says that behavior increasing is a sign of the last times. Saying there is no evil is setting the stage for worse things to happen in society.

Chuck said...

MK, if he doesn't get off with an insanity rap

Brooke, right. Rip her clothes up and throw them in the yard, smash her TV, but kill a child???

LA, very well put. I think evil may be a bit more than the absence of good. I think it's manifested in of itself.

Alligator, also well put. I wonder if the left wants to do away with evil to blur the lines. Just a mad rush to immorality.

Alligator said...

We had evil rear its head in Missouri. A 3 year old girl wandered into a neighbors yard and the vile SOB smothered her with a trash bag, then dumped her body in the ditch. This guy was 43 years old with kids of his own. I bet they find he was stoked on kiddie porn and snuff films. He'll have to be in isolation or he won't last 15 minutes. Even hard core criminals recognize vile evil.

People that look at stuff like this child murder, footage of Nazi death camps, people like Amin and Mugabe, Pol Pot's killing fields, Muslims beheading and stoning for trivial offenses or see body parts of aborted babies in a trash bin and then with a straight face say "there is no evil" is really chilling. Denying the existence of evil is to permit to advance unimpeded.

"And because lawlessness will increase, the love of many people will grow cold." Matthew 24:12

People like that, under the right circumstances, could become the new generation of Himmler's SS or Beria's NKVD.

LASunsett said...

//LA, very well put. I think evil may be a bit more than the absence of good. I think it's manifested in of itself.//

Definitely...I do too. I have seen the face of it.

But when dealing with people who deny evil's existence, it simply makes them fume and ready to explode when you use scientific metaphors and logic to explain it.

Chuck said...

Alligator, agreed. I have seen worse than murder committed on children. There are depraved, I would call them evil, people in the world.

LA, some people wilt in the face of logic which then leads to anger.

Randy said...

There is definitely evil in the world and I believe people can be possessed. Not sure what it takes to get them "un-possessed" but I don't think it's an Exorcism like we saw int he movie.

Jerry Buck Inman. Search for his story on the web and tell me there's no evil (he could have been Manson's apprentice)