Friday, August 26, 2011

What Is The Media Up To?

I know, that's an absurd question. One could go crazy trying to figure out the fringe media in the US.

A lot of the stories on Hurricane Irene have been interesting to say the least.

I have seen articles calling the hurricane "historic". There have already been articles discussing the economic impact of the hurricane.

I even saw one article today talking about how Governor Christie was under pressure to perform well. It will test his popularity. Do you even remember hearing the governor of Louisiana being mentioned in the buildup or aftermath of Katrina? Quick, what was the governor of Louisiana's name?

The point is, I think the media is in overdrive right now to spin this for Obama.

Things go well, he did a great job in this "historic" hurricane. Not like that idiot George Bush.

Things go bad, under the bus goes Christie. Evidently the federal government is only responsible for responding to natural disasters in Republican administrations.

Finally, Obama has an out on the economy. From today on the economy will be dealt a blow because of the hurricane. What could Obama do with such a disaster? George Bush only had to deal with Katrina and 9/11. He didn't have to deal with a historic hurricane.


Z said...

Chuck, I thought the same thing; the Left castigated Bush SO unfairly (even OPRAH now admits she's seen the truth after having read his book and spoken to him about that time)~... and Obama's handlers ordered him home a day or two before Michelle and the kids (costing more expensive flights than need be, by the way...another thing the msm isn't mentioning)

Yes, Obama's going to DO THIS RIGHT ... and no, I do not remember the Gov of Louisiana's name; I remember the Sen and the Mayor of N.O., but not the governor.
If Christie screws this up (doesn't follow the Obama thugs' advice) it'll be his Katrina. (think election) His name will NEVER live it down.

MK said...

Exactly right Chuck and expect it to reach fever pitch when election Time rolls around. The rejection of Obama will also be a rejection of the bs the media fed the nation at the last election, they won't walk without a fight.

Always On Watch said...

I think the media is in overdrive right now to spin this for Obama.


Having survived Hurricane Hazel in 1954, Hurricane Agnes in 1972, and Hurricane Isabel in 2003, I have studied the present storm very carefully. I can't see that Hurricane Irene is going to amount to anything like those three other hurricanes I mentioned.

Brooke said...

Chuck: You are clearly correct. At this point, Obama will grasp at anything to make himself look good and his MSM lapdogs are more than willing to comply.

cube said...

Chuck, you ask "what is the media up to?" I answer that they are up to propping up Obama's sorry ass as best they can.

Earthquake, hurricane or a plague of locusts nothwithstanding, they are only going to get more smarmy in his support as the election looms closer.

Ticker said...

They are setting the stage for Obama to blackmail congress, read that Republican House, into a huge stimulus and raising taxes to pay for all the money for "restructuring" the East Coast.
if the Republican House makes one objection to how he is screwing the American people in the name of "compassion" they will be castigated and then they can kiss what gains were made in the past elections goodbye. Obama and the LSM will make them look like evil incarnate, worse than any terrorist group ever to strike the US or anywhere in the world.
Remember the words, "Never let a good crisis go to waste". Well hold on to your pocketbooks cause here it's here. Mark my words on your calender and revisit this site when Obama makes his announcement sometime first of next week wnen the wind and rain have died down and he has caused the oceans to stem their rising

Chuck said...

Z, Katrina was a case study on how much control the media exerts over the national psyche.

MK, agreed

AOW, there has been a lot of over-reaction. None the less, stay safe.

Brooke, all he needs is a cape

Cube, even Fox is running stories about his "bad luck" on the economy

Ticker, very good points. That was all obvious and I missed it.