Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Whatever Happened to Code Pink?

August: Deadliest month for U.S. in Afghanistan


Heard anything from Code Pink lately? How about Cindy Sheehan? Tim Robbins? Susan Sarandon? Danny Glover? Sean Penn? Alec Baldwin? Ben Affleck?

Just curious.


Z said...

It's only DEADLY when a Republican president's leading the charge, you know that.
Good post, Chuck. The media hypocrisy fun never quits, does it.

cube said...

Railing against a democrat president would be too logical for the left. For all I know, they're still protesting in front of Bush's house in Texas.

MK said...

Good question, my take - they've all been dropped like a used tampon. They've outlived their usefulness.

When the next republican or responsible adult is elected to office their masters will tweak the puppet strings and i'm sure the dumb lackeys will dance once again to someone else's tune.

Chuck said...

Z, yeah the troops are less dead now

Cube, maybe that's where Cindy is

MK, they never seem to run out of liberal idiots

LASunsett said...

Who are these people? They sound familiar.