Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chuck Thinks Right Turns 1000

Welcome to the intial blog of Chuck Thinks Right. My intentions are for this blog to be primarily political and entirely right leaning.

Chuck, March 28th, 2008

That was the opening to my first post. I had no one commenting until my 16th post. The two people who commented no longer visit.

My first regular back then was the wonderful Z. Even then she was coming by to see if we were writing about the same thing.

Then Brooke and Cube stopped by, and thankfully kept coming back.

From there I had more and more great people drop in and were able to tolerate my ramblings enough to keep coming back.

I have met some great people along the way (some others, not so much).

I have made friends and probably some adversaries. I prefer the friends but have never been afraid of the adversaries.

I have had some people with opposing viewpoints over the years that I have enjoyed to debate with and genuinely miss their absence.

While I feel I am getting a little burned out from time to time with this, and I find myself blogging less due to this and the fact I am working more, I will still continue doing at least some blogging.

There is one simple reason for this, I enjoy the company I have had over the years.

Thanks for stopping by and here's to getting to 2000.


Brooke said...

AW! Happy blogosversary!

Z said...

Chuck, Congratulations! I opened up 2 months before you, so I was new, too. And I also thank you for your loyalty to geeeZ.

Keep on keepin' on! It does get rough from time to time but we have a country to save!

(and thanks, Chuck)

Alligator said...

Chuck, congratulations. The fact is, there is too much happening in the world too fast to keep up with. Sometimes I just shut it all off - blogs, internet news, talk radio, all of it. It's not that I'm running away or pretending stuff is not going on, your head a can take only so much insanity before you really burn out. Take breathers. They are good for you and they help you get charged up for when you do have to confront the insanity and evil of the Left.

Chuck said...

Thanks all, it has been a blast.

Alligator, we went up to a cabin a couple of years ago. No phone, no news on the TV, I didn't even buy a paper. It was heaven

Always On Watch said...


Blogging seems to be addictive -- even when we bloggers lose "the inspiration" from time to time.

LASunsett said...

Congrats. I started PYY back in 2005. It's been a bit of a struggle to get traffic going again on the new blog, even with being well established on the old one. But it is getting better, and eventually will get going.

I think the key for me has always been trying to remain a small blog. I never cared much about getting big like the ones we all know, because managing a big blog is too much work....which takes the fun put of it.

Now and then I get a hit from the Senate or the House, or someone in some state government somewhere. Knowing that they are reading it is what I hope for because they are the bastards causing this mess, and they are the ones that can do something about it.

Keep up the good work, sir. You are on my regular list of stop bys, when I have the time.

Ticker said...

I started in Jan of 08 and I think you were one of first blogs added to my favorites list.I didn't know what a favorites list was for months after I started blogging. I just managed to keep up with other blogs from those who commented and then looked at their list and visited. You are still one of my most favorites and I miss your post when you are away.
We all have to take a little time off occasionally but something keeps bringing us back.
Glad I discover Chuck Thinks Right.

MK said...

Well done Chuck, and onto the next 2000. :)

Chuck said...

AOW, agreed

LA, thanks. I mainly use it as therapy. My wife won't talk politics so I have to get it here.

Ticker, thanks. Glad you made your way here

MK, I'll get there.