Friday, September 16, 2011

Give Me Your Thoughts On This

I'm not going to write about this, I want to see where people go with it without my input.

Read this article and tell me what you think.

Class warfare may reignite Civil Rights effort, Michigan Rainbow Coalition president says

Read the article here.


MK said...

I got as far as Detroit, then it all made sense. I recently read an article that compared Detroit to Houston over a number of decades, one succeeded while the other languishes in the toilet. So what's the difference, one has been 'neglected' by cruel conservatives, the other has been generously 'helped' by caring democrats. No prizes for guessing which one was helped.

Z said...

Sorry, I couldn't read past "against the poor" in the first sentence. I guess they figure there are no poor Republicans, huh?

MK's comment's too good to add to.

Except to say IS THIS EVER GOING TO END? But, don't forget; this type of group thinks the Tea Party's racist tho they'd vote for Allan West yesterday if they could. That's logic? That's racism??

Ticker said...

Dang been waiting five minutes for the thing to open . So far all I have is blank page with the logo at the top so guess I will have to pass on this one.

Chuck said...

MK, Detroit is a cesspool. People outside of Michigan don't fully understand how bad

Z, this guy would not vote for West though. Is that an -ism?

Ticker, it's the usual "the man (Republican man) is keeping us down, hatefully wanting to limit welfare", yadda, yadda, yadda.

Ticker said...

Thing finally opened. What a crock is the first thing that comes to mind.
What does Civil Rights have to do with drawing welfare? Is there someplace in the constitution that I missed reading that says it is a civil right to live off the well being of others? Was there anything in the Civil Rights act of 1964 that I missed concerning the right to welfare? All I can determine from the act that it covered the right to vote, employment, something that the Reverend evidently missed in the act and to protect individuals against the deprivation of any rights secured by the Constitution or U.S. law.
And as I said cutting waste from schools who have been run by crooks for years in Detroit and other leftist held and controlled town is not in the Act. Neither is the right to draw welfare for generation upon generation.
Maybe the Reverend needs to re-read the Civil Rights Act or 1964 before he goes off on his rants. Of course he had to impress the folks and get them to come out for old Bugeyed fool Jessee who has about as much appeal to most of the Black Community as David Duke.

Brooke said...

Good lawrd, I could barely make it past the first paragraph.

Rainbow Coalition reparations-entitlements nonsense!

Chuck said...

Ticker, What does Civil Rights have to do with drawing welfare?

Isn't it actually pretty insulting to tie welfare to civil rights? Imagine if a white person had made this connection? There would be all kinds of hell to pay

Brooke, amazing isn't it?

Always On Watch said...

From the link:

His primary targets Thursday were the new emergency manager legislation and recent cuts signed into law this month by Gov. Rick Snyder imposing a 48-month limit on cash assistance welfare payments expected to cause an estimated 11,000 households to lose $500 monthly payments.

So, it's all bitching about losing entitlements. 48 months seems a reasonable limit to me. I'm guessing that this fellow doesn't want ANY limits set on entitlements.

Clearly, he has no clue that the money can run out.

As a typical Leftist, he is incapable of recognizing reality.

Chuck said...

AOW, Clearly, he has no clue that the money can run out.

They will just use Obama's plan, tax more

Alligator said...

They have to go for class warfare. The race card is wearing very thin.

Chuck said...

Alligator, they will keep playing the race card no matter how thin it gets.

Alligator said...

Oh, I agree Chuck, I just don't think they are winning as many hands with it as in years past. The race card is dropping from an ace to king or maybe a queen. Class warfare is the new ace in the deck.