Friday, September 9, 2011

How Do You Get To This?

Police: Dallas mom glued daughter's hands to wall

This POS kicked this child, beat her, and glued her hands to the wall - over potty training.

The child is now on life-support. I can say from experience that once a person goes on life support it seldom turns out well. At the very least the kid will have disabilities.

How do you get so far gone that you glue a child's hands to the wall. Who the hell even thinks of something like that?

How do you stray so far from humanity that you are capable of doing a thing like this to a child?

What do you do with a person like this? Is she even able to be salvaged to be fit to live in society again? Can someone this depraved be rehabilitated?


LASunsett said...

Life in prison, eating high fat and high cholesterol meals. Twenty years a heart attack with prison medical staff attending her. That's a death sentence tight there.

sue said...

Chuck - This is the type of news story that I rarley can bring myself to read in detail.

There will always be the unswered question: How could it happen?

I never get an answer for things like this.

Alligator said...

Some of the reality cop shows on satellite regularly feature these kinds of stories. It is unbelievable what some people do to their own kids.

Occasionally, I run into liberal educators who pontificate about "moral relativism" and "there is no evil." I think of cases like this and marvel how "educated" people can make statements like that. Of course, behavior like this has been around since humankind appeared, but I think our "enlightened" culture has made it easier for some people to justify this kind of behavior. It certainly has made it harder to punish these people and get them off the street.

There could be medical/mental illness that spins the person is out of control. But even if that's the case, that person needs to be locked away from society for their good and the safety of everyone else. And sometimes, people are just mean and evil because they choose to be.

Brooke said...

Honestly, this 'person' is flat evil.

A two year old sometimes isn't old enough to potty train.

That aside, what she did was beyond the pale. I would flip the switch on her myself. A TWO YEAR OLD. A tiny BABY, and she's kicking and beating her.

Judging from the look of that mugshot, I am more than confident to bet that she was intoxicated in some fashion while she was torturing and murdering her baby, too.

Brooke said...

Oh, and to answer your final questions, NO. Best to kill her and remover her from society altogether, because if this isn't the sort of person that capitol punishment was designed for, I don't know who is.

Chuck said...

LA, with prison medical staff attending her. That's a death sentence tight there.


Sue, I have always thought that if we could understand we should worry about ourselves

Alligator, that is kind of what I think. Even if it is mental illness, would society ever be safe with them in it?

Brooke, I am more of a mind of locking her. Let her live a good long life inside to think about it.

sue said...

Chuck - I truly don't understand what you are saying to me.

Ticker said...

As a psychologist who has dealt with a number of folks like this crazy ass woman I can tell you , there is no understanding them.
Often times they were victims of abuse themselves but this is no excuse and one would think that they would do all within their power to avoid treating their children or child as they had been treated. It doesn't work that way.
Records will show that this behavior runs in families from generation to generation and the cycle is seldom broken unless the breeder dies, thus ending the chain.

MK said...

"Can someone this depraved be rehabilitated?"

Even if they can be, is there something they can do that no one else can. I think the money is better spent elsewhere.

Sterilize her and jail her until she's too old to harm anyone else.

Chuck said...

Sue, it is so foreign to be like this that if we could understand what a person like this is thinking we should wonder about ourselves

Ticker, or the breeder is locked up for life

MK, Even if they can be, is there something they can do that no one else can.

Good point, she won't be missed

Z said...

death penalty