Thursday, September 1, 2011

Is This Relevant?

While I am not always a fan of polls, this one has some interesting aspects.

I do have one issue with it in that it is a poll of registered voters. I have always thought that polls of registered voters, instead of likely voters, are not very good indicators.

For one thing, some of the registered voters do not vote. This then makes their opinion on a candidate useless information. Maybe that's harsh but, there it is.

Second, Democrats are traditionally a softer voting block than Republicans so it has a tendency to skew the results when compared to the actual election.

All in all though, the poll is a good early look at where voters are on the Republican nomination and fairly good look at who has no significant chance.

Te focus of this post though is this:

For the key voting bloc of independents, Bachmann (19 percent), Perry (17 percent) and Palin (14 percent) are the Republican contenders most frequently mentioned as being too extreme to be seriously considered. Five percent of independents consider Romney too extreme.

The article takes the above as a possible danger sign for Perry. The reasoning is that while he does enjoy fairly solid support of Republican voters, Independents, who will largely decide the election, may see him as too extreme.

Is this relevant? Does this spell trouble for Perry? Or, are these independents that lean left anyways and were not likely to vote for the Republican candidate anyways?

Simply put, do you think Perry will play well in a general election or is he too extreme for the middle?


Phill Senters said...

I think it is still to early to put much stock in polls like this.

Chuck said...

Phil, agreed. Just an interesting snapshot

Always On Watch said...

IMO, Perry may not be too extreme for the middle because the middle is also quite fed up with Barack Hussein Obama.

usminc said...

I realized I made a mistake in voting for Obama not long after the election when Joe Biden said "The economy is worse than we thought." What kind of response is this? If we wanted incompetence we would have voted for incompetence. In hindsight, McCain/Palin probably couldn't have done any worse.

To be fair, in 2009 Obama did hold an entrepreneurial summit to create jobs...but in Muslim countries.
Obama is the first President in history to be in charge when America received a downgrade in its credit rating. His response? S and P are a bunch of hacks, and the Tea Party did it. Yes, had to be Standard and Poor's and the Tea Party. It couldn't be the $14 Trillion in debt and the $61 Trillion in obligations. It's amazing how in three years Obama can't boost the economy because it's so messed up, yet the Tea Party and S & P have so much power they can make it sink further in one day. Imagine if FDR, who inherited the worst Depression ever and then WW2, had simply thrown up his hands and said "We'll, this is just too hard. It can't be done. Our economy is wrecked, and I'll never beat the Axis. We'll sign a peace treaty with Hitler, and maybe they'll leave us alone." Imagine if Abe Lincoln had said "The Civil War is not winnable. Forget the Union. A little slavery never hurt anybody, anyway." Imagine if George Washington, who lost every battle up until Trenton had said "A nighttime raid involving a boat ride across this half frozen river is impossible. I'll never beat the Hessians anyway. The press is always saying I'm a British sympathizer. Nope, I'll just forget the Revolution". I'm sick of Obama and his excuses, and I was sorry I voted for him a long time ago. He is 100% unworthy to be President

Chuck said...

AOW, that's what I keep thinking

USMINC, welcome (to both CTR and the truth). Obama talked a good game but he is, in the words of Perot, all hat and no cattle.

sue said...

Chuck - :=)

MK said...

"Independents, who will largely decide the election, may see him as too extreme."

Then independents or the middle or whatever they call themselves will get obama, who is definitely not an extremist or something right.

My feeling is that you folks have gotten to the point where, anyone is better than obama.