Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Sex In Australia

In a story that is sure to drive our Aussie friend MK of Down Under On The Right Side crazy, Australian passports will now have an "other" option to the standard male/female choices for sex on their passports.

Australia passports allow transgender 'x' option

Australian passports will now have three options for sex: male, female, and indeterminate. What in God's name is indeterminate? In my mind this implies one does not know what sex they are.

How could one not know this? Just lift up the skirt or pull out the front of your jeans.

This was covered for me in the first day of nursing school. Men and women have different parts. Look and see which part you have, compare it to the chart, this will tell you what you are.

I do take a little solace in realizing that all of the idiots in the world are not just in the US.


cube said...

Our friends from down under are over the top on this. It isn't fair to turn society upside down for a small minority of people.

Brooke said...

Australia is a little America, more or less... And they typically preview what comes to our door.

sue hanes said...

Chuck - I know that these days this is an issue that isn't funny, but sometimes I need to smile when things are stressing me out - and when I read about the 'male, female and other' choice - it did bring a smile to my face, as did your frank comment about how to figure out which we are!!

Ticker said...

They are known as hesheit's. hahahha

That is what we called them over 50 years ago.

Chuck said...

Cube, a very small minority

Brooke, coming to a country near you soon

Sue, thanks. No, it's not funny but it is silly

Ticker, nice

DaBlade said...

Using the term "indeterminate"seems uneconomical. The passport options should read, "male, female, chaz".

Always On Watch said...

I do take a little solace in realizing that all of the idiots in the world are not just in the US.


And LOL to the entire commentary.

Chuck said...

DaBlade, it is fewer letters...

AOW, thanks

garry said...

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