Thursday, September 22, 2011

Off Scott-Free?

Read this article:

Man who picked up 12-year-old girl he met on-line pleads guilty to child enticement

This man got 10 - 23 months after pleading away 3 counts of 1st degree Criminal Sexual Conduct. I believe in Michigan 1st degree CSC involves penetration.

He raped a 12 year old girl and will be out before she is old enough to drive? WTF?

Also, look at the comments. One idiot woman only wants to talk about punishing the child. What a world this is becoming.


cube said...

This is one of those cases that makes my blood boil. Child abusers need to be prosecuted at the ultimate level of the law. Maybe it's time we make the law stricter against the perp than the victim.

Alligator said...

I hope O'Reilley runs with this. He loves to finger prosecutors or judges who go easy on child rapists/abusers. The fact that this 12 year old seems to be street-wise ought to be ringing all kinds of bells and waving red flags with Child Services. Something is wrong in that household. But, it does not let this guy off one iota. Hopefully the judge is tough as nails and reinstates some of the charges. This boy needs years, not months in the slammer.

Chuck said...

Cube, 2 years...

Alligator, one of my first thoughts was there was trouble in the home and authorities need to look at the parents. As to her age, he had to know she was not 18.

Alligator said...

I know some kids can look and act older than they are but the gap between 12 and 18 is quite a bit. Didn't she tell him she was 16 and he said maybe 15? That still clearly demonstrates where his thought processes were; Sex with an underage girl - period.

Chuck said...

Alligator, yeah I caught that too. He thought she was 16

Always On Watch said...

In my view, this man should be locked up and the key thrown away.

That said, I am very frustrated as a teacher that so many students (minors) spend so much time on the web at various social sites.

Just this year, a feud has erupted between two students in my class. These two girls got into some kind of dispute at Facebook, and now one of the girls won't even go into any room that the other girl is in. I kid you not! The parent of the offended girl has withdrawn her daughter from any class in which the offending girl is enrolled. In fact, the mother of the offended girl won't even sit down and talk to ANYONE about what happened. Consequently, the offending girl is unaware of what's going on -- and she will likely continue to do whatever it is that caused this entire mess. As administrator, my hands are tied because of teacher-parent confidentiality.

My point: both parents and their children seem to have difficulty with virtual life (social networking). Every year, I tell both teachers and students how dangerous the web can be. But most people say, "Oh, we run our household differently and monitor everything." Well, they do not do so!

What a world this is becoming.


Always On Watch said...

I tell both teachers and students how dangerous the web can be -- and the parents, too, of course.

Z said...

This man needs to be in prison a LOT LONGER THAN THAT...the judge is NUTS!

What possesses young girls to even DO this? I heard of a case this week of a father who's outraged that some guy tried to hit on his daughter because she'd sent him completely nude, enticing pictures of herself....she was about 14, I think.

IMAGINE DOING THAT when we were kids? it's wouldn't have even OCCURRED to us in our embarrassment and sweet innocence, right, ladies? WHat HAPPENED TO THAT?

And with a little girl; who cares what the guy says about how old she really was? She was clearly not a mature woman capable of making her own decisions (except to do something as stupid as going on that website underage, so she clearly had some ideas of her own)

Sounds like I'm blaming the girl and I AM NOT, NO WAY. I BLAME HIM.

But, I DO find it more than troubling for our society today that many young girls seem to be looking for this kind of thing...

Ticker said...

I didn't see where anyone wanted to punish the child. If you are alluding to Z's comments then I suggest you read it again, very slowly and make sure you comprehend what she said.

"Sounds like I'm blaming the girl and I AM NOT, NO WAY. I BLAME HIM."
Her earlier comments concerning the girl and her not having the maturity to make such decisions is correct but unfortunately in today's society girls as young as 7 and 8 are exposed to all kinds of sexual content on the web. Parents claim to control what their kid's watch but that is pure BS in too many cases. I have been involved in too many investigations where young girls simply copying what they had read on some website were repeating it and perverts were enticing them to "get together". It sounds exciting to 13 or 15 year old girls to be "hit on" by an older man or boy as some claim to be. They don't understand the real danger involved. To them it's a game and it can be a very deadly one. I've see cases where this occurred as well. Talking to these young girls who survived such encounters was disturbing to me. Guess I am from the old school where parents educated their kids about dangers of sexual encounters ranging from disease, pregnancy to death.
As I said to many of these young girls it started out as a game and ended up as a tragic, life changing experience for them. Some will never recover totally even with very intense psychological therapy. The event will raise it's ugly head at some point in the future, possibly after the girl has married and even had children and someone will have to be around to pick up the pieces of a destroyed home in many cases. I've seen it!

Courts and laws are much to lenient on sex crimes against underage children. Only when the laws are changed and the courts strictly follow the laws will there be any change in this behavior and even then it will never be totally eradicated.