Sunday, September 11, 2011

Quote Of The Week - 9/11

One of the lessons of 9-11 is that evil is real, and so is courage...

George W. Bush

That sums the day up for me.

We had evil perpetrated on us. I know there are many on the left, lead by Barack Hussein Obama, that want to minimize the threat from Islam.

They are really our friends and it is a religion of peace.

This administration has bent over backwards to appease the Islamic world. I guess birds of a feather...

We had courage that day.

The passengers who brought down Flight 93 to prevent the murderous bastards from flying into the White House.

The firefighters, paramedics, and everyday citizens that ran towards a burning World Trade Center to look for survivors.

The men and women who dug through the rubble of the Pentagon looking for anyone to help.

And yes, George Bush, who stood tall and helped keep a nation calm.

Ten years on we need to remember, both the evil delivered upon us and the courage shown.


Z said...

this post made me cry.

Thank GOD Bush was president during 9/11....thank GOD.

Chuck said...

Z, sorry. I agree, Bush was what we needed. Imagine if Algore had been president.

Always On Watch said...

GWB gave a great speech in Shanksville, didn't he?

I watched the event live.

I've had my disputes with GWB's policies and beliefs ("We all worship the same God"), but I'm so glad that he was POTUS on 9/11. Can you image what the aftermath of 9/11 would have been like had Al Gore been POTUS?

Chuck said...

AOW, I did not agree with everything but I liked him