Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rick Perry, Post Debate

What do you think about Rick Perry's performance in the debate?

I didn't see it, I tend to only watch the debates in the general election. Maybe this is wrong but I have a life, a job, and a family - I can't watch every debate.

The point is, did his performance change your opinion on him? To the good or bad?

This is not an idle question.

I, so far, have been a bit of a supporter of Perry. A couple of things that came out in the debate give me pause though.

-Mandating the use of Gardasil. Gardasil is the immunization against HPV (human
papillomavirus). HPV is a sexually transmitted disease that can lead to cervical cancer.

For the record, I support the use of the vaccination and will have my daughter immunized with it.

We could discuss the ethics of a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease (I will not) and in a perfect world boys and girls will wait until they are married to have sex and will only have one partner. Further, my children have been raised not to be promiscuous. With that said, I am not going to condemn my daughter to cervical cancer if she makes a mistake, or even if she does not, if her future husband did.

My point though is that I am not comfortable with government mandating health care. This action by Perry is a bit big brotherish.

-Having a Texas version of the dream act. He signed a law allowing illegal immigrants to receive in-state tuition rates. Why the hell can't anyone understand that these people are criminals and should not even be here, let alone receiving state-funded benefits.

I haven't written him off yet, he just has some explaining o do.


Ticker said...

Chuck you need to read the entire text of the so called Dream Act. It is nothing like Obama's dream act. It is very specific as to who and where these folks can go to school and what the must have accomplished and what they must do to qualify. ONe being, applying for citizenship.

What is House Bill 1403 (passed by the 77th Texas Legislature in 2001)? House Bill 1403 granted certain non-immigrant students, including undocumented stu-dents, access to in-state tuition rates at Texas public institutions of higher education and state financial aid. To qualify, the bill required students to have:
o resided in Texas with a parent or guardian while attending high school in Texas,
o graduated from a public or private high school or received a GED in Texas,
o resided in Texas for the three years leading to graduation or receipt of a GED, and
o provided their institutions a signed affidavit indicating an intent to apply for per-manent resident status as soon as able to do so.

That is it in a nut shell. No student can attend a community college in the local area if they reside south of the border and that keeps the ones who would cross the border daily to use this.
There have been fewer than 11,000
students who have used this since it's inception in 2001.

The vaccine debacle and that is what it amounts too and Bachmann needs to tread lightly, Karma is a bitch. It really didn't win her any points except with the Far right Religious tea party bunch.
The vaccine in now being recommended for males to eliminate such things a venereal warts which can cause cancer and other STD's. As one who worked for CDC , communicable disease investigations section, I applauded Perry for pushing for this inoculation. I wrote scathing letters and e mails to the fools in the legislature who vetoed it. NONE had a clue as to what the vaccine was about or at least the ones I was able to talk to. The CoS would have gone ot some drug company eventually as that was his background so no big deal. It's a moot point and a dead issue. 5K doesn't buy a governor. It was actually 6K but 1K of that came from one individual who worked for Merek according to the records of contributions for that year. It's public record but some want to make like it was a secret. BS is all I can say. They want to turn debates into a circus because that is what most of the dumbed down American want or can understand. Look at what was elected if you want proof of that.

Chuck said...

Ticker, I still have an issue with his immigration bill.

They are still here illegally and we are rewarding this transgression.

Reading what you say, I would be a little more comfortable if they had to go home for a while and then apply for a visa. I realize this was their parents choice but it was still an illegal choice and Texas is rewarding that choice.

Bottom line, if you can avoid detection for years and then pull at the heart strings of people then your kid gets benefits for college.

I just think we are making way too many exceptions for illegal aliens and it is bankrupting us.

As to Gardasil, I am in favor of the vaccination and do think girls (and boys) should get it. I am not comfortable with the government mandating it.

As to the money, I did not mention it because I do not think it is relevant. I would hope he is not for sale for 5k.

Finally as to Michelle Bachmann, she is in danger of making herself look like a nut.

Opposition is one thing, making wild and unsubstantiated claims is another.

cube said...

Any of the GOP candidates are going to be 100% better than a second term of Obama. We can hold his or her feet to the fire AFTER he or she beats Obama. That is our goal.

Chuck said...

Cube, definitely. This is the one thing that can get him re-elected, conservatives staying home.

Ticker said...

At least the bill has in it that they must apply for citizenship. Obama's bill does not.

Ticker said...

On the vaccine. At least it was not the Feds but a State government. Powers not granted to the Feds are left to the States and the people. (US Constitution)

Chuck said...

Ticker, I will give Perry that on the illegals. The problem is we are in a slippery slope with illegals in that laws like this make it easier and easier for them to stay. I'm not entirely opposed to the law, especially if they have to gain citizenship. The problem is, where next? This is a problem in society in that one aspect becomes acceptable and it then makes the next easier to slide through.

Exhibit A is gay marriage. What's worse, is it is not the end of the debate. We now have groups pushing for man-boy love.

As to the Gardasil, it is still being mandated by the government. If we really wanted to make it representative, put it up for a vote. I would be more comfortable with that.