Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Tale Of Two Schools

Texas School Punishes Boy for Opposing Homosexuality

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Teacher calls local Tea Party president a Nazi

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These both happened in Texas, the student in Fort Worth and the teacher in San Antonio.

The student was in German class and the teacher was talking about religion and homosexuality in Germany.

The kid turned to friend and said he was a christian and thought homosexuality was wrong. There is no indication that it was a taunt directed at someone, it was a kid expressing an opinion.

This German teacher has a history of pushing homosexuality in class including posting a picture of two men kissing on the wall. The mother rightly questioned why a German teacher was pushing homosexuality in class.

In the ultimate irony, school officials said the kid should be more careful about where he expressed his views on homosexuality. He should do it in the hall and not in class.

Why would he express his view in a class while the teacher is trying to indoctrinate the students on the topic?

Finally, does anyone believe he would not be in the same position had he said this in the hall and been overheard by this teacher?

This kid was given one day in-school suspension and two days full suspension, with the two days dropped after an outside organization got involved.

No word on what the punishment for the German teacher was.

In the second case a teacher in San Antonio went to a town hall meeting in which he called the local Tea Party President a Nazi because of the president's support of deporting children here illegally.

This teacher was on his own time but he did invite students to attend the rally so this blurs the line as to whether it was an official teacher function.

The teacher was given no reprimand.

I realize these are different districts but how any times have we seen this played out? A teacher expresses views that are from the left and they are forgiven, a student expresses views that are from the right and they are punished.

When are we going to take control of our education?


Z said...

we will never take control of our education ....political correctness keeps rearing its ugly, destructive head.
I almost posted on this, too, and I'm glad you did. It's despicable and the left should be ashamed.
NOBODY is allowed to have an opinion that's not 'progressive' and that's unAmerican and has to stop; but we haven't the guts, let's face it. We just don't.

This ridiculous story would be couched by the left as "isn't he hateful? How dare him put down gays..we must be TOLERANT and teach tolerance" know that, Chuck. And he did NOT put down gays, of course. They bring out that PC card and all fairness and free sharing of opinions disappears. The left likes that.

sue hanes said...

Chuck - No one should be in 'control' of our education system.

Children are not pawns in the game of life.

Education should offer them the
unbiased subjects that they need to succeed in whatever level of life they choose to pursue.

But perhaps there could be opportunities, let's say in high school, when students are starting to get mature enough to handle bias, for discussion, that is clearly designated as such.

That would be good practice for them when they go into the mainstream and make decisions such as in voting.

The leaders of these discussion groups should be able to present both sides - to guide and moderate.


Sounds good on paper but not very realistic, and probably not going to happen in our current bickering state of the union.

Ticker said...

We will never have control of our education system until we get the Federal Government out of education.

The German teacher should be removed until he gets his act together. He is there to teach one thing, German language and nothing more.

What was the purpose of the teacher inviting students to the rally? Was it to watch him show his ass or was it for educational purposes to allow students to see all sides of the political spectrum? Evidently it was not for educational purposes so the teacher overstepped his lines as a teacher and a role model. Fire his ass. But then he is a leftist so "hate laws" don't effect his speech.

Chuck said...

Z, I love when libs talk about tolerance

Sue, by control I mean we need to stop letting leftist teachers indoctrinate our students. I have no interest in controlling the children beyond insuring they can read and write when they graduate, an ability often absent in today's high school graduate.

Ticker, I agree - when the teacher invited school kids to the event he was making it a part of his job. To the curb.