Friday, September 16, 2011

What Does NY-9 Tell Us?

We have had a couple of days now to reflect on the Republican victory in the New York 9 House race.

This was a district that had a Democratic Congressmen for over 80 years. It is heavily Democratic (3:1 ratio), working class, pro-union, and has a high concentration of Jewish people, all groups that tend towards the Democratic candidate.

It is easy to simply say that this was a rebuke of Obama's policies and move on.

Look deeper though and there could be real trouble for Obama.

-A pro-union electorate. The significance of this is being downplayed by the left because the unions did not get heavily involved in the race.

First, that is a problem in itself. There has been rumors that the unions will not be as heavily involved in the next national election in 2012. Obviously they will support Obama and work for him. Word though is that they may choose instead to focus on local races and campaign for their cause on their own.

Unions accounted for over $400 million in support last election, if that is decreased that could be a concern for Obama.

Second, so what if the union were not active? Are we to believe that union members are so stupid that they are unable to decide how to vote if the union apparatus is not telling them?

-Jewish voters. Some of their vote was possibly diminished because socially conservative orthodox Jews were unhappy with Democrat Weprin for voting for Gay Marriage. With that said, at the end of the day few people decide their vote on one single social issue.

I think this may be a significant danger sign for Obama. The Jewish vote is a pretty reliable one for Democrats. Obama has spent his Presidency bowing to countries that want to destroy Israel and at the same time pissing all over Israel. To me it seems almost inevitable that he will lose ground on the Jewish vote.

This election was made to be about Obama. An upstart Republican candidate with no experience beat a seasoned Democrat in a district that is 3:1 Democrats over Republicans by 8 points. Pay attention to who you vote for in the Primary election folks, this election is ours to lose.


Ticker said...

There was not a lot of Union or other thug group involvement in this race because basically it is a non consequential race. The district will be no more after 2012. At least that is according to accounts after the census count.
The Union thugs will be out in force for Obama all over the country, count on it. Just because they did 't give this race much support they are not going to give up their bread ticket in 2012. They will take to the streets as they did in Washington State just recently and will show their asses as they did in Wisconsin. Flash mobs of Unionista's and thugs will be the norm in this upcoming election if it even appears to be a close call, which at this point it is definitely close and not looking good for Obama. That from his own people.

The Jewish vote was determined in much the same way. It did not seem important to preserve a seat that is going away. The DNC didn't waste a lot of money on it and you didn't see Biden up there sticking his foot in his mouth in favor of the Dem candidate. Obama didn't make much of a ruse about it now did he?
A victory, yes, but of no great meaning. The victory in Nevada was and is of much more consequence. It indeed was a bigger slap in the face of Harry (DOA)Reid than of Chuck Schumer(about the only Dem who campaigned in NY for the Dems.)
Then again the victory in Nevada was almost a given since that district has voted overwhelming for Republican since it's inception in 81.
So what does it tell one? Not much really. A referendum against Obama, in this case not hardly. It does not bode well for Republicans when they make much ado about nothing . More often than not it comes back and bites them in the butt.

Brooke said...

I couldn't agree more, Chuck. The only way to screw this up is if the GOP decides to run another McCain.

MK said...

"Pay attention to who you vote for in the Primary election folks, this election is ours to lose."

Exactly right Chuck. America is largely a Conservative nation and obama is a lying, arrogant leftist. So long as the republicans don't put some rino or nutjob forward, they'll be a shoo-in at the next election.

Z said...

It tells us we need to START PRAYING NOW :-)
I'm not as assured as the others that we're a shoo-in. And don't forget voter fraud.
Who ever thought we'd have to even think that in this country?

Ticker said...

MK a Rino or a nutjob would beat the socialist hell bent on destroying this country that currently occupies the WH. With any luck the Senate will swing to the right and regardless of who is in the WH they will have a heck of a time getting a lot of leftist bills passed . Well at least we can hope even though the House has not yet proven that they are serious in stopping such.

Chuck said...

Ticker, I tend to agree to an extent. Looking back at now Nevada does seem more significant. I think they are big loses and I think portend bad for Obama. With that said, the GOP should not get comfortable. It is very easily a lose-able election

Brooke making my point. Thanks

MK, I agree - if

Z, fraud will be a little harder this time

Ticker, just about anything would

Z said...

Chuck, why? Even when there's been bad fraud, it's not reported....I think it'll be worse than ever. But, I hope you're right.

Chuck said...

Z, I think the GOP is finally starting to follow the fraud and fight back about it