Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Who Gets To Decide?

Too Much of a Good Thing


Peter Orszag, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Obama administration wrote an op ed in The New Republic that maybe we need less democracy.

He says our government has it's hands tied because of gridlock. His proposal is we do with less democracy and instead have our lives governed more by appointed commissions and automatic policies.

These guys are always so full of horse manure.

Let's examine this:

Mr Orszag would be okay with one of these commissions if it had been appointed by President Bush I assume?

Maybe he would be okay with automatic policies that would cut entitlement programs to balance our federal budget?

No, he is advocating socialism with a touch of dictatorship.

Yawn, just another Obama official talking out of the wrong hole.


Z said...

"No, he is advocating socialism with a touch of dictatorship."
You are SO SO right here.....
And only an uneducated, apathetic public won't see this, Chuck. That means, we are in BIG TROUBLE.

We have just GOT to DO SOMETHING other than blog our indignant fingers to the bone...but what, other than VOTE? We can't really even count on that anymore when we consider the amount of fraud our DOJ's ignoring.....and this president whose every inference lately is "Those damned RICH REPUBLICANS" is going to raise unheard of amounts by those "downtrodden, poor Democrat entitlement lovers"...odd, huh? People don't even see THAT?! :-)

Brooke said...

I think he's advocating more than a touch of dictatorship.

Just like being pregnant, you can't be a 'little bit' so.

Ticker said...

He and NC Governor Bev Perdue need to join ranks since she thinks that elections should be put on hold.

MK said...

Typical leftard, they're all the same, when they are not in power, they're all for democracy and calling their opponents fascists, hitlers and everything else they can smear them with.

Once they are in power and their stupid schemes invariably fail, they initially blame their opponents for it and/or the public for being too stupid to see the success. When that fails, they eventually take a walk down this road.

It might not even be in their conscious mind, but it's there in the heart of every true leftard, a small to large dislike of true freedom.

Chuck said...

Z, the latest numbers show Obama's campaign funds may be drying up

Brooke, good correction

Ticker, I saw that. May blog on it later

Chuck said...

MK, protest under Bush was patriotic - now it's anti-American

Alligator said...

MK - spot on.

Chuck - spot on.

They call good evil and evil good when it suits them.

Always On Watch said...

he is advocating socialism with a touch of dictatorship

More than "a touch," IMO.

Regulations, in many ways, are worse and more insidious than legislation as WE THE PEOPLE have little or no redress in these matters.

We are becoming enslaved via government regulation!

Chuck said...

Alligator, and stupid smart

AOW, regulation nation