Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Your Prez Is Watching

Check out this site.

Are you okay with this?

Would we have heard it from somewhere besides Drudge if this were Bush?


Z said...

Is that for real? You're supposed to report if you see Barry Hussein dissed, or?????

gitoutahere. am I reading that right


Always On Watch said...

How does it work? Like Loon Watch, where you report something objectionable?

Always On Watch said...

Never mind.

I found out.

One of the categories for reporting = website/blog.

Another = forwarded email.

I'm thinking "Stalin!"

I'm thinking "1984!"

cube said...

Scary stuff from Herr Kommisar.

Mr. Cube wants to report that he heard a rumor that Obama was competent, but it couldn't possibly be true.

Chuck said...

Z, amazing isn't it?

AOW, Stalin/1984 - both apt comparisons

Chuck said...

Cube, tell Mr Cube that no one is going to fall for that

Alligator said...

In the history of the United States, there has never been a president do this kind of thing, encouraging citizens to rat on one another, the exception being Woodrow Wilson who had 175,000 Americans arrested under the Sedition Act: e.g. criticism the government or officials during a time of war.

It also tells me that the Obama people are nervous and scared about what is coming to light about their leader. Can you put Solyndra - Obama - federal loan - bankruptcy - FBI in one sentence? I can. For the Obamamites the best defense is a good offense.

I probably just earned myself a spot on Attack Watch.

cube said...

Alligator I hear you, but there is no logical thinking when it comes to Obama voters. Holy Cow! There is telling what pig in a poke they'll buy.

Chuck said...

Alligator, we all aspire to be on the list. I think Solyndra is going to do some damage. His hacks are already invoking Enron to head off the damage.

Cube, agreed