Thursday, October 27, 2011

Further Down The Rabbit Hole We Go

Muslims say crosses at Catholic University Violate “Human Rights”

Read the article although this sentence here sums it up fairly well.

Banzhaf said that it is technically not illegal for Catholic University to refuse to provide rooms devoid of religious icons. (note: Mr Banzhaf is the lawyer for the Muzzies)

What do you think the odds are that a court in an Islamic country would take this case?

More importantly, do you think a Christian would live long enough to go to trial if it were accepted?

This is just another absurd case of Islam, the most intolerant religion in the world, demanding tolerance from us.


Brooke said...

I worked for a while at a Catholic hospital. Every single room had a crucifix.

No one forced a single patient to be there.

In an Islamic country, there would be a stoning for even suggesting a secular environment, or God forbid, one that is conducive to Christianity.

Alligator said...

The trouble is, our academic and political "leadership" in this country have created an environment where Muslims feel they can impose their will like this. Playing the poor, helpless, offended victim is just a ruse a Trojan Horse for the spirit of Islam i\to wheedle its way into all our institutions, secular and religious. Given enough time and success in this ploy, one day we will wake up and find Muslims playing the part of the Borg; "You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile."

sue hanes said...

I don't know, Chuck.

If it's a Catholic University then
they have the right to have crucifixes in every room.

If you go to a Catholic hospital there are crucifixes all over the place.

It's as simple as that. :)

Chuck said...

Brooke, I have worked for a Catholic hospital too. We also had crosses in every room

Alligator, we have set the stage for it

Sue, agreed. I have a real problem with the hypocrisy too

Z said...

The minute Santa Monica Hospital got bought by University of So. California (UCLA) all the bibles in the rooms were taken out and the cross came down in the chapel..which they call something else now.

re this idiotic situation with a CATHOLIC school, are they CRAZY? If you don't like the crosses, don't GO to a CATHOLIC school!

This isn't 'absurd', Chuck, this is absolutely frightening because they WILL not stop here. This is a full court PRESS.

Always On Watch said...

If Muslims don't like the Christian atmosphere at Catholic University, then Muslims shouldn't enroll there. Duh!

Always On Watch said...

I'll be linking to this next week.

Chuck said...

Z, agreed that it is scary. Islamists are nothing if not patient. They are trying to bring Sharia to the US one small victory at a time.

AOW, there you go being logical again.

cube said...

If you are offended by crosses at a Catholic hospital, then drive your intolerant moslem ass to another hospital.

Always On Watch said...

I found some new info on this story. See my post today.