Saturday, October 1, 2011

Irony Is Alive And Well In Colorado

Student Says She Was Forced To Drop Class After Seizure

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This young lady was booted from a college class because she had a seizure. It was determined the seizure was disrupting and she could have more.

The class she was in?

An emergency medical technician class.


Ticker said...

Now that is just plain dang stupid!

gramma2many said...

Can't think of a thing to say that is printable.

Brooke said...

Um... Ah...

Can she do the job of an EMT?

Ticker said...

Sure she can Brooke. A friend of mine is an EMT and suffers seizures often. Surprisingly enough they don't come during times of emergency but when he is relaxing after such an event.
Doctors say it is not rare for seizures to occur after a stressful period and that there is no problem with him performing his duties. He's been doing this now for nearly 20 years.

Chuck said...

Ticker, nice huh?

Gramma, that's okay - this isn't printed ;)

Brooke, I did think of that. It depends on her meds I guess

Ticker, good info. There is the issue of driving though. In Michigan at least, you have to be seizure free for 6 months to drive - I believe.

Alligator said...

Well, this is interesting and something of a dilemma. I think there are probably several factors involved that we simply don't know about because this is only a snippet of the whole story.

I suppose it depends on the severity of her condition, state requirements for an EMT, is she taking medication for it, can she legally drive, etc. etc. I'm a volunteer First Responder with the local fire department so I going to check around to see how this would be handled in our district.

Alligator said...

Okay, a Bing search yielded more information on this young lady:

The Aspen Times has more details on the classroom situation:

So she has a service dog, leads an active life riding horses and skiing (which is more than I would dare do). She is a certified First Responder with the Aspen volunteer fire department, which is one step below EMT.

As one who has dealt with personnel and ADA issues for the past 20 years, if the teachers did indeed say what they are reported to have said and in the manner alleged, I'd say the college is going to get toasted on this one.

As to the merit of her being an EMT with her condition, that's not going to be our call. Ticker pointed out his friend who is managing quite successfully.

Always On Watch said...

Distracting to other students was the reason given?

I'm not sure that I'd want an EMT with active epilepsy to be working on me, particularly in a critical situation.

Alligator said...

Drat - I forgot to bring the subject up at training. I was focused on training.

Personally, I would have very strong reservations about having someone on my response team with active epilepsy. I suppose it would depend on how severe it was and how often it would occur. If I'm doing CPR and the ambulance is still 10 minutes out, the last thing I need is my partner checking out and the situation is compounded if we have more than one victim.

As a backup responder, (third person in 3 team) I probably wouldn't have as much a problem.

cube said...

Aren't there different meds she can take to control them better? How safe is something as everyday as driving with seizures, not to mention being an EMT?

Chuck said...

Alligator, it's a tough call on her career. I think the college is screwed. As far as if she should be a responder. She is trying against some odds, it would be nice if she could find a safe place for her to practice

AOW, there are a lot of unknowns with her

Cube, it is a tough call. I put the question another way - would I want an ER nurse with this condition? I say yes but, unlike Alligator, there are plenty of other RNs around - at least in an larger ER like I work in.

MK said...

If it can interfere with the job at had, i'd say it's probably for the better that she find some other profession. it is peoples lives at stake after all.