Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Need I Say More?

We have Obama and all of the other Muslim apologists rattling on and on about them being peaceful, productive members of our society.

They have a right to be here.

There are moderate Muslims who are different than the extremists that have hijacked their religion.

To suggest otherwise is downright racist and intolerant.

Alleged Iranian Terror Plotter Was Well-Known Texas Used Car Salesman

This man has been working in Texas for over 25 years.

Need I say more?


Z said...

Boy, THIS is disturbing! I hadn't heard that about his having been here so many years, etc... and my top post of Wednesday was about a moderate muslim I really think a lot of :-)
I still don't think they're all terrorists, but this story is REALLY disturbing.
What do we do...send all Muslims elsewhere? How do we stop this?

Chuck said...

Z, it is a tough call. First, we have to realize right now he is only a suspect. Beyond that, we can't use it as an indictment of the entire Muslim religion.

The reality is though, and this was my point, this is not a religion of peace and we are not diligent enough in tracking the Muslims in the US.

I don't have an answer because we cannot treat all Muslims as terrorists, because they are not.

I think the thing to take away from this is that we are letting PC kill us by pretending, as our government does, that they are not a threat.

Z said...

"need I say more?" says a lot, Chuck. The inference is clear.
PC IS killing us; apparently, many of these types who are caught and arrested have been pumped up by having read jihadist websites; we can't even close them down when they threaten Western society with death, so.......
THEY know our hands are tied.
THEY know we read Mirandas to the underwear bomber so he didn't give us the information we needed before he pled guilty and shouted GOD IS GREAT as he left the courtroom.
Of course there are many who are threats, but so what? I don't believe our Feds can even get into mosques to listen to their sermons yet, can they?
And, of course, IRS agents are at churches licking their chops that a pastor will say someone which could take tax exemption away!

cube said...

Chuck is right about PC nonsense killing us. When will America wake up to that fact?

Gramma 2 Many said...

They are patient. Waiting and training and when the time is right they will strike full force. The person who lives next door, once their Imam calls jihad will no longer be a moderate muslim. If they believe, they will answer the call.
Ask anyone who has fled the religion, they have stories and warnings for all of us to heed.

Ticker said...

I am still not sold on the idea that this is a real story. It smells of a Holder and Obama attempt to cover up Fast and Furious.

The Iranian's, if they wanted to knock off the Saudi Ambassador have much more professional people within their ranks than to go out and hire a "wannabe assassin" who happens to be a used car salesman. I mean damn , do you think that Iran is that stupid? I sure don't.
The so called connection to a Mexican Drug cartel via this "used car salesman" smells also. On the indictments, NOT ONE, memeber of any cartel is mentioned, only a handful of Iranian's mostly kin folks to the used car salesman and some very low ranking government folks in Iran who would be no more than perhaps a county government employee in this country.
I see it as a cover up so that Holder when questioned about his complicity in Fast and Furious can claim National Security reasons for not answering questions.
Think about it.

Ticker said...

Yea, I know , I didn't really answer the question. Muslims, if they are true Muslims, will answer the call to jihad when the call is given, moderate or extreme makes no difference.

Stop allowing immigration of anyone from the ME who is Muslim. Religious discrimination? No it is not a religion but a way of life and a very dangerous one at that. History has proven it to be so. Of course as Chuck say, PC , it's all about being PC.
PC will be our downfall.

Chuck said...

Z, good point on tax exemption. I had not thought of that one

Cube, I suspect not anytime soon

Gramma, I agree. I wonder if we have sleeper cells as much as they will answer when called

Ticker, I suspect the truth lies somewhere in between. I am not certain he is lying, he did name a suspect. I do think he has manipulated the timing and the indictment for his benefit and not the country's.

Ticker said...

Chuck I'd like to see which indictment named a cartel member. I have yet to find one. Or did he just hint to a suspect in his press conferences.

MK said...

I heard numbnuts is going to japan to apologize over nuking hiroshima, maybe a stop-over in some islamic country to grovel and ass-kiss is also in order.

Chuck said...

Sorry, out of town for a few days

Ticker, I meant the guy in Texas

MK, even the Japanese knew this was a bad idea and said no. My Suspicion is they knew it would bring calls for them to apologize