Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Protest Looking For An Outrage (Or Rebels Without A Cause)

I have felt from the beginning that the whole Occupy (insert location here) movement was nonsense.

It has seemed to be nothing more than a bunch of bored upper middle class liberal kids out wasting their time. It would seem like an unproductive use of their time until one considers that it is likely most of them are not interested in working and instead live off of their parents.

After seeing a seeming endless series of interviews with these idiots a couple of things are clear:

-They have no idea how the real world works. The demands we get from them are a steady string of "we want ( ) free" with no real plan as to who will pay for it.

-There is no cohesive message. The Tea Party has intentionally not organized as a national group so they can stay grass roots. They still, however, manage to stay on point. There is an underlying message.

This article is a must read however. If there has been an indication that this movement is not what it seems, this is it.

‘Occupy Norfolk’ Struggles to Find ‘Definitive End List’ for Movement

This paragraph summed it up.

“We’ve been here around the clock, working toward finding a common end goal,” he told CBS Washington, adding that an official mission statement is in the works, and should be finalized soon. “I think it’s sort of misguided to say we lack direction. We don’t have a definitive end list of things that we’re trying to accomplish, but we definitely have a great head on our shoulders about what we’re doing.”

They have been working on it around the clock for a month, no plan yet.

We are asking the wrong questions about this movement. It is irrelevant why they are protesting, they don't know. The real question is who is funding it.

Rumors have swirled around the usual suspects, the Obama re-election campaign, George Soros, along with a host of far-left political action groups.

So this is the question I close with.

Do you think this is a grass roots movement or are these people stooges for the professional left. Is the real goal here getting Obama re-elected next year and reclaiming the House?

Or, alternatively, is this a distraction designed to take away attention from Team Obama and just how much they have destroyed our economy?

Keep in mind, this was not like the Tea Party in which a reporter on CNBC made an off the cuff statement and protests sprung up. This spontaneous movement took months to plan. I myself have been seeing articles about it for at least a couple of months before they began.

Who planned them?


MK said...

Out here in Australia, someone asked these morons what they were protesting for and one actually said - i don't know.

One group had to make a decision whether they should go on a protest walk or just sit on their ass, am hour later they were still sitting on their ass trying to decide.

Not Rebels Without A Cause, rather dirty idiots without a cause.

sue hanes said...

But they are still people, Chuck.

Don't discount that.


When you get right down to it we are all people - aren't we.

Chuck said...

MK, I don't think most of them know what they are protesting

Sue, I did not say they weren't. What I am saying is they are full of it and are being used by the professional left.

Brooke said...

Here in Cincinnati they are showing up at a private park to be arrested on purpose for camera time. They have no message.

It's all about them feeling good about doing something, even though they have no idea what that is.

Chuck said...

Brooke, agreed

Ticker said...

Chuck Useful idiot's I believe is the correct word for these long haired, unwashed useful idiots.
They are being spammed by the far left and are to stupid to know it.

Chuck said...

Ticker, agreed

cube said...

I know they're people, but they're people without a cause and being subsidized by their parents, or George Soros, or Acorn. That can't be good for the country. These aren't agents for good.