Sunday, October 2, 2011

Quote Of The Week

I have seen women walk right past a TV set with a football game on and - this always amazes me - not stop to watch, even if the TV is showing replays of what we call a "good hit," which is a tackle that causes at least one major internal organ to actually fly out of a player's body.

Dave Barry

Fall is here and football is back. My Michigan Wolverines are 5-0 and I suspect the Detroit Lions will be 4-0 after today (first time since George Halas was a boy I believe).


Ticker said...

Chuck I hate to say it but being 4-0 with their schedule is nothing to brag about.

Western Mich 34-10

Notre Dame (the only real team so far)Squeaked by 35-31

Eastern Mich, ya gotta be kidding me! 31-3

San Diego State WOW 28-7
Saturday And they play a rougher schedule.


And they have Mich St and Purdue coming up after a break.
What a wimpy schedule. Only other team with a wus schedule like that is U of TN who schedules the weakest teams outside of conference to make up for the drubbing they get in the SE Conference.

Go Gamecocks and Horns.

Chuck said...

Ticker, 5-0. Western and SDSU have pro-caliber quaterbacks, SDSU also has a pro-caliber running back. All shut down other than one quarter against Western. Notre Dame beat MSU. Eastern was a joke, Minnesota too. I think Michigan's got a good season ahead of them. Only team I see as truly a concern is Wisconsin, possibly the best all around team in the country, in the Championship game.

Michigan has been ragged so far and have a long way to go but they have played some decent teams.

Ticker said...

At least your Lions won.

Chuck said...

Ticker, you wait - you'll see

Ticker said...

Yea, I can't wait until someone in the SEC or Big 12 gets hold of them.
Oh I forget they never play anyone from that league, just some west coast team like SoCAl or UCLA who like Michigan never play anyone of the caliber of the SEC or the Big 12.What is it something called the Rose Bowl? One of the weakest bowls in the country but gets the big bucks because of the roses cause the football sucks.

Z said...

when do the Lakers start playing again? :-)

cube said...

Not this woman. I have no patience for baseball or basketball anymore, but I love to watch football.

BTW I don't usually watch the Lions, but I watched that game on Sunday because the Bucs game was going to be televised on Monday night.

Chuck said...

Ticker, we'll see

Z, I didn't know they played football ;)

Cube, I still like basketball. You caught an almost good Lions game.

MK said...

"I have seen women walk right past a TV set...."

That's because they're on their way to get your beer. lol.

Now brace yourself for that beer to be thrown at you. :)

Ticker said...

Z hopefully never. Overpaid bunch of crybabies dribbling a ball down the court and shooting then crying about not getting a few more million.

Give me college or even high school ball in the place of NBA.
Delayed by two weeks, hopefully forever.

Chuck said...

MK, funny

Ticker, I have still not watched baseball after their strike years ago