Thursday, October 6, 2011


Sarah Palin has dropped out of a Republican race that she never really joined.

Chris Christie has said no thanks, again.

Rick Perry has talked himself out of contention.

Michelle Bachmann was never really in it.

Ron Paul is still crazy.

What is left are Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, and a few others not worth the time to type.

In my mind, the race is now Romney's to lose. Cain is coming on strong but I just don't see him overtaking Romney in votes, money, or party support.

Realize this is not an endorsement, just observation. I am not a huge fan of Romney by any stretch of the imagination but will certainly pick him if the other option is Barack Hussein Obama.

Give Romney credit on one thing, his "last man standing" strategy is working. He has not played to win, just to not lose. While I am underwhelmed with this as a strategy and think that the country should demand more from a President, he will likely get the nomination and very possibly the Presidency with the strategy. So, I ask, who is the dummy?

His unwillingness to commit to well, anything, in the campaign so far cuts down on the baggage he has to shed during the general campaign. Keep in mind that this is a man who already has a lot of baggage.

Again, I view it as a pathetic strategy but it may very well help him beat Hussein and quite frankly that is my one and only goal for this election.

So back to my original question. Assuming the nomination goes to Romney, what about Cain as a running mate?

Until now the assumption was that Marco Rubio was the VP of choice but he said yesterday that he would likely say no if asked. I realize these types of statements are to be taken with a grain of salt but what if he really means it?

I have outlined my case for Rubio in a previous post:

-would help with the Hispanic vote

-Tea Party darling

-Would bring home Florida, this is big

Which of these does he have that Cain does not?

-not a help with the Hispanic vote but may bring in just as much of the black vote. Obama is vulnerable with the black vote due to unemployment and the fact that not all of them are lock-step liberals. Many black voters are fairly moderate to slightly conservative. The lure of voting for the first black President was too much for them. We have already crossed that bridge and many of them are disappointed now that they are on the other side. Cain may be a good alternative. He will not win the black vote but this is going to be a close election. Losing 10 percent of the black vote could do some damage to Obama's reelection hopes.

-he will help bring home the Tea Party. Sarah Palin and/or Ron Paul may decide on a 3rd party run. The GOP needs a conservative on the ticket and Romney ain't it.

-will help deliver Florida. The GOP loses a bit here with Cain instead of Rubio but Cain won the straw poll so we cannot dismiss his ability in Florida. Further, I think Florida may be similar to the black vote as I described above. Obama will not win Florida in a landslide, if he does at all. A shift of not a lot of votes could be the difference between winning it and losing it.

-look beyond Florida. Rubio helps in Florida but not as much as Cain in some of the other purple states. Think about the black vote in some of the biggest swing states this year - Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Again, a few votes could go a long way. Remember that a vote that swings from one party to another counts twice - it's a -1 for Obama and a +1 for the GOP.

I think Romney/Cain could be a winning ticket. What are your thoughts?


cube said...

Romney would need a strong conservative VP and either Cain or Rubio would be good choices for the reasons you have listed.

I'd vote for either team.

Z said...

I'd vote for either team, too.
Cain seemed more an empty suit until the last month or so, and I ADORE RUBIO, so this is hard to say; but Cain's winning me over.

Both can bring Florida, both can bring Hispanics and Blacks, I believe...because, let's face it, the solid liberal Black voter won't go near the GOP ticket but the Blacks AND mostly liberal Hispanics (except the Cubans in FL) who are fairer thinkers (more concerned about the country than their backgrounds) will allow themselves to consider this ticket on the merits (and DEmerits of HUSSEIN) ... I wonder about Florida's (or any other state's)Jewish vote, which is big. I suppose both could win that, too.

I think Rubio's youth is going for him and I think some would question Cain's nomination for either seat since I just read that not only did he have colon cancer but liver cancer and only five years ago. That's something I reckon the media's waiting to subtly throw around if he gets the GOP nod...what do you think?

And, I don't think Romney has much more baggage than Romney Care, do you? I look at him as pretty baggage-less, especially morally. That beats Newt out; the other Republican candidates are pretty clean.

I am so sorry Santorum's faded into the past. And that he wasn't more exciting a speaker.

cube said...

Z is right about the left's not bringing up Cain's cancer until the bitter end and then they will pounce on it with four legs when it will influence the election.

Count on it.

Rubio is ready to be VP. He's more qualified than Obaba was to be president... and he loves his country.

Phill Senters said...

I don't like Romney. He doesn't seem to be very conservative to me. I've always thought of him as a RINO. I think Cain is the better choice, and I think he will continue gaining support.

Ticker said...

Cain is not in this race for 2nd place and has said so emphatically. I do not see Cain taking second to Romney. Romney will have to choose someone like Rubio and frankly I don't think Rubio would accept a Romney invitation. Rubio knows that Romney is not a true conservative nor is he a true Constitutionalists. Rubio is both so why would he tarnish his reputation and risk being elected as POTUS in another few years.' '
I see Rubio taking a second spot with Cain much quicker. It would help Cain in some areas but it would give him strong ammunition to use against the left when they brought up his cancer issue. With a young vibrant conservative as Rubio on his ticket it would dispel the fears of him dying in office and leaving it to an individual who was not as strong in the conservative ideology as the one they elected. Don't forget FDR was a very ill man during his last two runs for the WH and he was re-elected without hesitation. He didn't even have a strong running mate in either elections. Yes , times have changed a bit but not when it comes to a question health or even perhaps of what will the VP do. Most voters know that the VP will carry out the agenda of the POTUS . Only Johnson failed in that regard and it cost him the election more than just the war opinion. The people saw him as one who had his own agenda which was much opposite JFK's in many , many ways.

Cain will chose someone who reflects his ideas and will continue to carry them out.

As to Romney's baggage, it is more than Romneycare. It is his entire outlook on the Constitution. He is not a strong Constitutionalists as he claims to be. He is not a strong conservative but seems to lean which ever way the wind blows on certain subjects and on who he is wanting to impress at the time. Obama did the same thing.
His recent comment on abortion is a prime example of "taking no real stand" IMO "I'm pro-life; it would be great if we could just leave it at that."
Next.. , he sent a letter to a gay Republican group saying he would be a stronger advocate for gay rights than his Massachusetts but now he is against such.
Next...He also characterized the "don't ask, don't tell" policy as "the first in a number of steps that will ultimately lead to gays' and lesbians' being able to serve openly and honestly in our nation's military." But now says it should not have been repealed.
So like another MA candidate for POTUS who always seemed to for it before he was against it and now may he is for it or than again maybe not.
That is disturbing to say the least. Baggage Z, you need to look no longer for he has plenty more.

All the candidates have a platform and I am posting each of them. NO I am not ashamed to be saying this on Chucks blog for I feel it is important that each one knows what the candidates stand for.
Small government as Romney claims he is for is questionable when he has 59 points in his plan and takes 84 pages to explain them. LOL.

Chuck said...

Cube, he is going to need a strong conservative to get conservatives out to vote. We could have 2008 all over again.

Z, problem is Romneycare is not small. As to Cain's cancer, 5 years is the magic number. Typically you are cancer free if you make it that long.

Phill, I don't disagree - I'm just looking at it realistically

Ticker, plug away.

Good analysis. I wonder though if Cain or Rubio would be as quick to turn down the VP nomination as you think.

I think you make valid points but remember, politics makes strange bedfellows. They are both young enough to wait four years for their turn. That is a huge incentive.

cube said...

Chuck: 5 years is not necessarily a magic number... look at Steve Jobs.

sue hanes said...

Chuck - Keeping in mind that this comment comes from outside of the 'family' - I think your post makes a lot of sense, is well written and intelligent.

I will not vote for President Obama (because I like him as a person and think he needs to get out of there) nor will I vote for any of the remaining Republican candidates.

However, I will vote.

There are other options.

Z said...

Chuck, I know, but did you read that blogger GM Roper's cancer's hit again at the "3 months after five years" period?
I know you're right in general; that's the rule, but I hope and pray the media doesn't make hay with this awful health history and influence people.