Friday, October 7, 2011

Those Crazy Judges

We have seen some idiotic things from the bench over the years. This has to be one of the more idiotic ones.

Judge Grants Illegal Immigrant Work Privileges in Jail Sentence for Drunken-Driving Incident

Read the article.

Yes, you read the title of the article right. A judge granted a man, who is not legally allowed to work in the US, work release from jail.

This would be laughable if it wasn't the most incredible part of it.

The judge sentenced him to 11 months in jail, on work release, for being at 3 times the legal limit for blood alcohol level while driving the wrong way on the expressway, while being in the country illegally.

I have a question about all of this. Does it seem like the illegal immigration faction is winning in this country? It seems as if illegal immigration has become less of a taboo than it was in the past.

These people used to have to hide in the underground of the US society. Sneak around surviving as good as they can, viewed by society as being the criminals that they are.

Now they have gone mainstream.

The media has transitioned from calling them illegals to now calling them undocumented workers.

We have sanctuary cities hiding them from immigration authorities.

We have a federal government who is lax, at best, on enforcement.

There are organizations that help them cross the border, get food and water, get legal help.

They have their own phone apps for God's sake.

Finally, think the solution is voting Obama out? Depends on who votes him out.

Romney is saying the right things but has a bit of a credibility problem. Will he follow through?

Perry is almost weaker on immigration than Obama having set up a Texas version of the Dream Act for state colleges.

WHat are your thoughts? Are we nearing a point of no return on illegal immigration?


cube said...

If immigration reform is going to work, we can't show leniency to lawbreakers. This illegal had a BAL 3 times the legal limit and they let him out? What!!!!!

This judge should be given a two week vacation from the bench, sent to Mexico on the same bus as this illegal, so that he/she can see what happens to a country where the rules of law aren't followed. Chaos ensues.

Ticker said...

Chuck, Obama's Dream Act is nothing like Texas instate tuition plan which by the way has been in existence since 2001 and agreed upon by the majority of Texans and even more approved of the 2005 revisions.
I suggest you read both before making such broad sweeping statements.

BTW it does not violate the Federal Law since it is also offered to others who are citizens. There is also an interstate compact agreement with 18 other states(number may be higher) which allows their residents to attend our Texas schools and pay only instate tuition.

The federal govenment required Texas taxpayer to foot the bill in the amount of over $5 billion dollars to educate K-12 illegals. They don't pay instate tuition as do those in what you call a "Dream ACt" which of course is pure BS, but get a free ride on my dime and the rest of the Texas taxpayer. Not to leave out the federal mandated health treatment for them at a cost of $550 million dollars per year and another %150 million dollars per year to keep their asses locked up because the FEDS will not allow Texas to deport them. When it was tried Obama's DOJ blocked every deportation.

Now which cost less, a very small number of students PAYING instate tuition to attend school with the mandate that they become citizens as soon as lawfully allowed or paying for the Federal mandates to educate, treat medically , keep locked up.

As for the dude who got work release , he should have been deported but of course the DOJ would not have allowed it. The judge would have been censured for doing so. Of course the judge may also be an OBAMABOT and would let the fool vote.

Brooke said...

Oh, thank gawd you were able to comment on that title, Chuck. I thought I'd had a stroke and couldn't comprehend what I was reading.


Chuck said...

Cube, without anything else he should have done more time

Ticker, I am of the mind we should not be giving benefits of any kind to illegals. I know this sounds a little cruel to the kids but where do we draw the line? If they are here illegally, they should not get special consideration. Whether they promise to become a citizen later or not.

Brooke, it is bizarre

Ticker said...

Chuck having them pay is not exactly a benefit since it is available to a few hundred thousand other college students.

What Texans liked about the bill and got it passed was the citizenship requirement. We figured if we got an educated new citizen it was better than having an uneducated illegal living off our taxes for the next 40 years not to count the kids they could probably produce , who by US LAW would be citizens only to join the next generation of welfare recipients.
A discount of a couple of thousand dollars per year beats the heck out of a hundred or so thousand over the life of the illegal and continue to add to that for each child born in this country who would follow in the parents footsteps of living off the taxpayer and of course voting for the one who gave them the most $$$$$.
Texas law(16 other states as well) kinda makes sense now doesn't it.

Chuck said...

Ticker, it's not about the money - it's the principle. I think any program like this is just giving more incentive to come here. In my mind, this law says that if a family can avoid detection for 18 years or so they will be rewarded with a state benefit. I'm sorry but I think the only answer is to deport them and their family.

Alligator said...

Chuck - there was a time when pornography was illegal and you get arrested for possessing it. Now anyone, regardless of age, can access at home or their public library in the name of the First Amendment (though the 1st is not about okaying moral turpitude)

There was a time when abortions were illegal and you could get arrested for performing one. Now its not only legal, the government will confiscate our money to pay for them.

And the list goes on. For the most part, societal rights and norms are slowly eroded away or people are slowly acclimated to accept them . Illegal immigration is just the latest. Now its just "undocumented" like you left your drivers license on the vanity or something. Now the "children" aspect is being brought up. Like Perry says "you don't have a heart."

So yes, I would say the illegal immigrant crows is winning by the back door.

Chuck said...

Alligator, agreed. I thought of homosexuality. First it was abhorrent and sometimes illegal. Then we had gay marriage and civil unions. Now we have the NAMBLA people calling for acceptance of men having sex with boys.

As to the children, we have illegals now playing the "my child is a citizen, if you deport me your breaking up our family" card.