Monday, November 28, 2011

The Fascist Left Is Alive And Well In Richmond, Virginia

Tea Party Alleges Double Standard by Occupy-Friendly Mayor in Virginia

Read the article.

I'm sure most who read my humble little blog have been following the events in Richmond, Virginia in which the local Tea Party affiliate is demanding a refund of the thousands of dollars it paid for a rally while the city has let an Occupy (insert city here) occupy the city's park for free.

The Tea Party group presented the city government with an itemized bill for reimbursement claiming a need for fairness.

Well, things have gotten ugly. Read the above article. The city is now auditing the Tea Party in what appears to be a very thinly disguised punishment.

It's good to be here in the Republik of Amerika.


sue hanes said...

Chuck - 'my humble little blog'

If I may say so I think you have a great blog.


LASunsett said...

The Grand Wizard of the Double Standard has issued a decree that must be obeyed.

Surely there is still a judge in Virginia that will hear a case and issue a judgment based on written law. If there is, I'd find him/her and file this case immediately.

Brooke said...

Why am I not surprised?

This move is such a thinly veiled act of thuggery! Get out of line and you'll have to deal with the IRS!

And what recourse does this TP chapter have? NONE!

Always On Watch said...

I wonder if the city officials in Richmond are Democrats.

DaBlade said...

If anything, Tea Partiers should be paid, as they always leave a place cleaner than the way they found it, unlike those Occupy kids who leave everything from used syringes, feces, fetuses and god knows what else in their disgusting wake.

Z said...

Brooke; "thinly veiled?" Which part's the veil, right?
This is nothing BUT partisan thuggery; Chicago style tactics to get rid of the Conservatives.

Man, picture this story if it was the other way around and Dems were being audited? WOW! 6" headlines on the NYTimes!


Chuck said...

Sue, thanks

LA, you can always hope

Brooke, this is straight out of the Congressional Democrats handbook

AOW, I don't

DaBlade, good point. Maybe they should bill the city for their services?

Z, the Justice Department would be climbing up their asses right now if a city government had done this to a leftist group.

sue hanes said...

you are welcome chuck.

no charge.

and i meant that sincerely

cube said...

I'm not surprised at the Chicago thug tactics being used by the left. I hope the tea party folks are able to catch a break from a fair minded judge.

Chuck said...

Cube, if one exists anymore