Sunday, November 27, 2011

I miss you saying "Merry Christmas"

-Jesus Christ

Billboard along I-75 north of Flint, Michigan.

What do you think about this? Just curious.


Brooke said...

I'm OK with it! Not vulgar, and paid for privately. Freedom of speech, ect.

I'm sure progs and Islamists will find a reason to be offended, though.

sue hanes said...

Chuck - We had a huge discussion on Z's blog on the Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays thing last year.

And you can tell Jesus that we all voted down Happy Holidays.

This year it is going to be:


after all - it's His birthday isn't it?

Phill Senters said...

Merry Christmas !

Chuck said...

I agree with all here. I very much agree with Brooke in that it is freedom of speech and is paid for privately. As to the progs and Islamists, piss on them.

I do agree with Sue and Phill that it has to be Merry Christmas and not Happy Holidays.

Let me ask this question though - does it seem a little disrespectful?

Christmas, while the true intent is celebrating the birth of Jesus, has also become commercialized.

While I am all over the idea of saying Merry Christmas, this seemed a little crass.

My one son even pointed out that he is not certain Jesus would be completely okay with us celebrating his birthday, certainly not by rioting at Walmart on the day after Thanksgiving.

I guess the real question is - would Jesus actually say this?

Brooke said...

I don't know that Jesus would say that exactly, and I definitely think He would be deeply offended by the Wal-Mart rioters and commercialization. I personally have a problem with the abbreviation "X-mas."

I do think that He would want us to recognize His birth, though. The Bible goes to the trouble to point it out in multiple times in the New Testament and it prophecies about it in the Old.

I also think that Easter should be far more celebrated by us infidels. ;)

Z said...

I think it's sweet.."I miss you..." It doesn't say "I wish you'd say...." or "if you don't say this, you're not a good Christian.." Right?

I think that, if we're believers, we must remember from the Bible (not to sound like a nut, but go with me here!!!...) how much He loves us. Not a bad thing to hear "I miss you" back, huh?

WHat I crack up about is the HOLIDAY TREE term we'll be hearing soon, as if any OTHER faith in December celebrates with a tree so they have to say HOLIDAY instead of CHRISTMAS?! That cracks me up. (Altho, I hate to admit that when Grandmother was elderly, she had a silver metal tree with blue balls which DID look like another holiday's tree...!! HA!)

I like SUe's remark "we all voted down Happy Holidays" VERY CUTE :-)

Chuck, you do have a point about crassness, my friend. Black Friday should not signify Christmas but we hear people whining about Christmas shopping and how expensive it is and what a drag it is, and blah blah blah.......heck, they're playing Christmas music already on L.A. radio 24/7 and, last year, I was convinced that this month long Christmas music thing was to get even us Christmas-lovin' folks to say 'ENOUGH!' It was an atheist trick! (smile)

My Sunday post was about ideas we can do that would keep us OUT of the stores, keep us from BUYING CHINESE (which is nearly everything now, let's face it) and I think the ideas were spectacular.

Merry Christmas! :-)

Chuck said...

Brooke, I don't disagree. It just didn't quite sit right with me.

Z, one of our local department stores was putting Christmas stuff out at Halloween. Pretty soon we will be able to do the shopping all year.

Alligator said...

This is where trying to be 'politically correct' ends up getting you. Sooner or later, you end up tripping over your own words:

sue hanes said...

Chuck - I had an article once that I cut out but can't find it anymore.

It said that probably Jesus never meant for His Birthday to get 'out of control' like this.

So now it is up to us to put it back in perspective - but how ?

Z - Thanks. While going through my stuff I found one of those red and green rubber bracelets that someone made up that said:

Just say 'Merry Christmas.'

cube said...

I've never stopped saying Merry Christmas, but I don't think Jesus would appreciate the commercialization that has developed around His birth.