Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Is This Enough?

Jimmy Fallon Apologizes for Show's Controversial Musical Message to Michele Bachmann

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Michelle Bachmann appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show. While coming on stage, the house band played the music to the Fishbone song "Lyin' Ass Bitch".

Soon after the show Fallon tweeted in humor that the band leader is grounded. Bottom line, he thought calling a woman a bitch was funny.

Now, while NBC has been silent, Fallon has apologized - sort of.

"I'm honored that @MicheleBachmann was on our show yesterday and I'm so sorry about the intro mess. I really hope she comes back,"

I say sort of because, while he did apologize, he never actually said the actions of the band leader were wrong. We have not heard from the band leader. Finally, as I said above, NBC has not said anything about it.

This wasn't really an apology IMHO, it was a CYA move and nothing else.

This all leads to the inevitable questions. Would they have done this to Hillary Clinton? Or Michelle Obama? Or Nancy Pelosi?

Would NBC apologize if it had? Would the band leader still have his job?

The most important questions are these: Do you watch his show? and Why?

Conservatives bitch enough about the liberal slant of the media, the press, and Hollywood/television. What do you do about it?

Do you continue reading the liberal slanted papers? I dropped mine a couple of years ago.

Do you still watch the net news?

Do you still go to movies with people like Alec Baldwin and Susan Sarandon in them?

Yes, these businesses are slanted far to the left. They are businesses though. Stop buying their product, they will change it.


Z said...

I dropped the LA Times (and so have MANY others)
I don't support $$leftwing actors in films if I can help it (getting harder and harder)

And imagine if a RIGHTWING band had done this to ANY liberal? (Is there a rightwing band?)

This is CYA and NBC ought to be ashamed of themselves but they're probably laughing too hard with delight.
Bill Maher had comedians on saying that Mr Bachmann should, well...well, I said it at my place but I won't here. It was WAY worse than this lyric, WAY WORSE. And nobody complains if it's a rightwinger getting highly insulted.
This has to stop because it DOES influence against our definitely does with late night lib crowds.

DaBlade said...

I like the Capital One commercial with Fallon and the cheerio throwing baby in it. Never watched his talk show and now am sure I never will. I was at a Redbox the other day and almost rented a movie that sounded interesting, until I saw it had Sean Penn in it. Suddenly, a buck was one dollar too much tomspend on it.

Always On Watch said...

Gah! How tacky of The Jimmy Fallon Show! An example of "the new civility," I suppose.

I can just hear the screams now if this song had been played when Michelle Obama made her entrance upon the stage. Sheesh.

Chuck said...

Z, I think if we are consistently boycotting these groups it will change to some extent

DaBlade, Sean Penn is about as nutty as they come. We had one of the resident nuts at Z's (I think) awhile back arguing he was a better actor than John Wayne.

My favorite Capitol One commercial right now is anything with Alec "down with capitalism" Baldwin in it. A little disconnect between this and his OWS support.

AOW, Michelle Bahmann asked the same question today. She submitted that the drummer would be fired by NBC. Basically she has called out NBC, no reply yet.

sue hanes said...

Chuck - I like Jimmy Fallon but he certainly owed Michelle Bachman
an apology.

She was an invited guest on his show and didn't deserve that.

sue hanes said...

DaBlade - I've watched JF's show many times. Some of the segments are great and Jimmy Fallon is extremely talented - especially when impersonating - such an Bob Dylan and Neil Young.

so when I see the Capitol One commercials I think to myself:

Why is Jimmy Fallon doing commercials.

Brooke said...

This is spot-on: CYA.

And AOW is totally correct; if this had been played during Mooochelle coming on stage the crap would've hit the fan BIG TIME.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Chuck!

Z said...

I think I just saw a quick headline that says NBC apologized to Bachmann.. didn't stop to read it.

Happy Thanksgiving, Chuck and your lovely wife and boys. xx

sue hanes said...

hey - chuck

Sean Penn IS a better actor then John Wayne.

from the resident nut

Chuck said...

Happy Thanksgiving all. Did not put a post today because I have been working. Hope everyone had a great day with their family.

Sue, it's par for the course. I think the only real mystery is why pols like Bachmann give comedians like Fallon the chance.

Brooke, as Bachmann said yesterday, the drummer would have been fired if it were Mo.

Z, I saw that too. Took quite awhile.

Sue, not even close.

Alligator said...

We have a whole generation of TV executives, producers, show hosts, etc. who are cretins in their behavior. They don't understand decorum, decency and manners because they have never been taught. If it something they disagree with, they don't have any qualms about taking cheap shots on their shows and maybe kind of sort of halfway apologizing down the road.

I cringe when I see elected officials on a talk show set yucking it up and horsing around with the hosts. Its tacky and tawdry. Bachmann was just opening herself up to an attack. These people aren't interested in giving respect or a fair shot at expressing one's views especially if the guest is conservative or Republican of any stripe.

I guess in some respects my expectations of what a statesmen and leader should be has become antiquated in this country.

happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

sue hanes said...

Chuck - I think it is really just for their 15 minutes of fame - before they crawl back in the wall.


Chuck said...

Alligator, you make a good point. I have always wondered if Presidents, or by extension presidential candidates, should be on talk shows.

On one hand it is a good way to reach the public in a more relaxed manner. At the same time, it often turns into a circus and decorum is lost.

Sue, good point. Maybe she's just getting her exposure while she can.

MK said...

Good heavens what a scumbag, never heard of this creep, now i guess i know why.

On a different note, i'm off for a break, have a wonderful Christmas Chuck and family.

Chuck said...

MK, you ain't missing much. Enjoy the break and the holidays.

cube said...

You can't unring a bell. I don't watch Fallon's show, but the clips were certainly circulated around the news cycle.

Chuck said...

Cube, this is exactly what the left knows. These kinds of incidents are not an accident. They say or do something they know will get press then they later offer a half-assed apology knowing further that the apology doesn't get reported as much as the slur. Democratic politicians use the state media all of the time for this.