Thursday, November 3, 2011

Media Bias - Local Edition

Read this article:

Senate Democrats charge Republicans with creating a license to bully

There are three quotes from Democrats, none from Republicans. A full explanation of the Democrat's position, no rationale as to why the Republicans voted this way.

My suspicion? It is to protect the free rights speech of children. What is likely, reading between the lines of the story, is that the bill the Dems wanted would have made it a crime for a student to say publicly that he/she disagrees with the homosexual lifestyle. Maybe make illegal any comment about race, gender, class, country of origin, etc.

What the author of this news article is likely not saying is the Democrats were probably trying to push through another of their thought crime laws.

But we can only guess, reading this article.


cube said...

Nobody is FOR bullying, but I suspect you're right about the contents of this bill and that's why the republicans changed much of it.

Chuck said...

Cube, the Dims should not even be saying this

Mustang said...

It must be the result of “the memo.” A few days back, Progressive Communist David Axelrod announced that Republicans want the economy to fail, for political reasons. Yesterday, Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood appeared on Fox News and told Megan Kelly Republicans want the economy to fail, for political reasons. supposedly, LaHood is a Republican. Maybe he’s one of those RINOs we keep hearing about. Just goes to show that communists infect both political parties.

Alligator said...

"Just goes to show that communists infect both political parties."

I'd agree. There are Marxist redistributionist types in both parties. This is why I am not a party person. I cannot support any Democrat at the national level. I find many, many Repubs on the national level that I cannot support either. Republican does not necessarily mean conservative. Just look at Meghan McCain, Olympia Snowe, Lisa Murkowski, or Scott Brown. I'd take Joe Leiberman over them any day. He's liberal in many areas, but he is honest and has integrity.

Generally I think that the Republican train and the Democrat train are going down the same track. The Republican is the slow freight train, the Democrats are the commuter express. There is some kind of a self-perpetuating culture in Washington D.C. that is detached from the people. It ends up infecting many if not most who end up working their for a protracted period of time.

Chuck said...

Mustang, you have to give the libs one thing - they stay on message

Alligator, basically it's the ruling class. Their only real aim in life is self preservation.

The problem with Washington will always remain the same one. The people who need to reform the system are the ones who benefit from it not being reformed.

Z said...

come ON, Chuck....
All Americans who watch MSNBC and CNN and read articles like your link know:

Republicans hate clean air
Republicans hate clean water
Republicans don't want more jobs
Republicans want your grandma dead
and Republicans like mean little nasty bully kids.


DaBlade said...

I believe you may have nailed this Chuck. Like you said, though. We are left to guess. Such is the state of "news" these days.

Chuck said...

Z, right and the only thing between us and the GOP are the Democrats

DaBlade, people that read only the AP and/or watch the nets would be shocked at the news they don't get.