Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Politics As Usual

How many times have we seen this story in a Democratically controlled large city?

Car Of Philadelphia Mayoral Candidate Vandalized

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A candidate for the Republican ticket in the mayoral race has had her car vandalized, for the 10th time by her count.

This is the real kicker though:

Brown says her car has been vandalized at least 10 times. So far, no arrests have been made.


sue hanes said...

Chuck - Vandalizing a car for political reasons is ignorant,
expensive for the person whose car is vandalized and in no way does it get any point across.

The city of Philadelphia needs to get on this and put a stop to policial car vandalizing.

However I can offer no help on how this would be done. I'm sure the City of Phil. has other problems that require their attention too.

Ticker said...

Union Thugista's used by and for and who under the control of the current Philly administration will go to any lengths to keep power. They have been known to blow up cars, houses and shoot folks all in the name of political power

LASunsett said...

Why anyone would live in Philly is beyond me. It's a cesspool.

Chuck said...

Sue, I have a sneaking suspicion that since it was the car of a Republican it's not a very high priority for them

Ticker, lot of street kids raising hell their too

LA, very good point

Z said...

i wonder if it's ever happened to a Democrat there...

Chuck said...

Z, or if it was investigated

MK said...

10 times and no arrests, wow.

They should be careful, someone might start vandalizing the democratic candidates cars too, seeing as how it's alright to vandalize stuff in philly.