Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What Do You Think About This?

Zombie Obama Image Provokes Outrage in Loudoun County

What do you think? Over the line? Would it be okay if it were Bush (to you, we know the media would be okay with it)?

What are your thoughts?


Z said...

Well, you know MY thoughts since you just saw I posted on this today, too! (no surprise, right?)
AND, wait till you see my comment to you....sometimes, we DO think alike (I'm flattered!)

The ad is way over the top but the media won't touch it. And, so far, only FOX has, according to a friend of mine who saw it.
Contrary to the Cain scandal; I've been clicking to MSNBC and CNN, and 85% of their coverage all early evening and night has been THE SCANDAL. OH, my gosh, some girl who's been 'investigating' this for msnbc was positively GLOWING about the whole thing, the biggest smile and roundest eyes I've seen on any journalist "OH, BOY, we'll make this Black Conservative PAY!" scary stuff.

Chuck said...

Z, shades of Clarence Thomas IMHO

MK said...

It's not in the best of tastes i think. But i won't be too critical as the left were worse to Bush and remain so to those they hate.

Chuck said...

MK, I very much agree about the left but I think we need to stay more elevated

cube said...

I think it's an improvement ;-)

Z said...

cube, that is HILARIOUS!!