Thursday, November 17, 2011

Yet Another Case For Banning Tenure

Couple Bug Disabled Daughter, Record Teacher, Aide Bullying Her

We keep hearing public service employee unions rattling on and on about needing to protect public employees.

Read the above article.

Likely because of a combination of union protection and insane teacher tenure laws, this witch is able to continue terrorizing children as long as she participates in a class on how not to bully children you are entrusted to.

It seems at times that life cannot get any more bizarre.

We need to have tenure reform and find a way to end union protection of incompetent and even dangerous teachers.


Brooke said...

Tenure is BS. There shouldn't be any such thing; to me it is just as bad as the Supreme Court justices.

Lifetime unelected dictators.

Always On Watch said...

What happened to this girl is beyond disgusting, beyond cruel.

The teacher should have been summarily fired!

cube said...

I feel lucky that I never had nutcases like these two for teachers. My teachers were always kind and professional.

Chuck said...

Brooke, I find tenure to be pure insanity

AOW, I came across another case today

In this case, the teacher is placed on PAID leave. You know, a vacation.

Cube. I had a couple of real losers when I grew up. One told me she was "going to get me". My dad straightened that bitch out pretty quick. Overall though, I think most teachers are okay and would be considerably better if we could get rid of the NEA.

MK said...

Cut funding and give students and teachers choice, they'll sort out the scumbags themselves.

Z said...

what MK said!

LASunsett said...

And people wonder why I don't give a damn if teachers are made to pay a small amount for their retirement and healthcare. These leeches are providing poor services for their tax paid salaries. In essence, they are getting charity from the public, for misbehaving on the job.

Of course not all teachers are like this. But as the teachers unions get stronger, it only reinforces this kind of thing because they feel they empowered to do whatever they want. The aide is made to resign and loses her certification, but the teacher gets to take a class and everything will be fine. Doesn't sound like justice to me. Maybe parents need to occupy more school board meetings.

Chuck said...

MK, it would change some attitudes too

Z, agreed

LA, I agree that not all teachers are like this. We have had some very good ones for our kids. It should be noted though that the NEA leadership is a direct product of it's membership. If teachers as a whole cared more about the kids they were teaching there would be more push-back

cube said...

I agree that the NEA is more harmful to teachers than helpful to their cause.

cube said...
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