Friday, December 2, 2011

The Idiocy Of The Left - International Version

Amnesty International Under Fire for Demanding Bush's Arrest During Trip to Africa

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George and Laura Bush are in Africa marking World AIDS Day and raising awareness for breast and cervical cancer.

Amnesty International is effectively dismissing this work and calling for the host countries to arrest Bush for crimes against humanity.

So basically they are ignoring all of the work Bush has done for AIDS, something even hyper-partisan Barack "it's all Bush's fault" Obama lauded him for in a speech, and are demanding his arrest because he poured water in the face of a few murderous bastards.

I will say it yet again, liberalism is a mental disorder.

I was a curious though as to why this group is so bent on Bush's destruction. I poured over the article. Read it top to bottom, bottom to top, and side to side. It was a little obscure but I came up with this.

Amnesty International's U.S. chapter is backed in part by Bush-basher George Soros' Open Society Foundations, which under its prior name Open Society Institute has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the group. OSI donated $500,000 to Amnesty International USA in 2009 for an anti-torture campaign. At least another $250,000 was approved for the same project in 2008.

I keep thinking there is something to this. It's still alluding me, can you make the connection?


Always On Watch said...

So basically they are ignoring all of the work Bush has done for AIDS...

But of course! The Left is morally bankrupt -- never mind that they garb themselves in the garments of self-righteousness.

sue hanes said...

Chuck - Sure George W. Bush is out doin' good things.


Because when he had the chance to do good things he made the choice to clear brush instead. Now he has to get out there are protect his legacy - kinda like bill clinton and jimmy carter.

well - maybe not jimmy carter because he is a Plains good person and he would do good things no matter what

DaBlade said...

More of your rightwing propaganda Chuck! Amnesty International believes that ALL humans deserve respect and have rights, even cop killers and other murderers on death row... Just not George W Bush... Or the 50 million babies killed in their sick mother's wombs ofndeath. But other than that... Well, death to Israel too, and all bible thumping Christians... Just those few caveats. Aside from those, the rest have rights.

Chuck said...

AOW, amazing in their own minds...

Sue, I have some beefs with Bush but he was a far better person than the left wants to admit.

-Sneaking off to spend time with the troops away from the glare of the press. Contrast that with the current CIC. He has canceled appointments when the press were not allowed.

-Many "firsts", such as first African American SOS (followed by first African American female SOS) that the left love to carp on and on about.

-His work on AIDS, strongest by any President, past or present.

-And, yes, freeing millions of Muslims from tyrannical and torturous dictators. The fact that this is ignored by the left is in itself an indictment of them. The women under the Taliban in Afghanistan were treated horribly. This is something the "pro-woman" (incredible amount of irony there) Clinton ignored for 8 years.

-Taking a national security apparatus that was in shambles after Bill Clinton and keeping us safe for 7 years after 9/11 (an attack developed under Clinton's watch).

Bill Clinton's legacy is that of serially sexually harassing women (and lying about it). Jimmy Carter's legacy of being the single most inept President in history is currently under challenge by Obama but give him credit for trying.

DaBlade, thanks for clearing that up. The whole death to Israel thing must be George Soro's contribution. As I said, I was trying to decide how he figured into this.

Z said...

The question is WHAT DOES SOROS WANT? WHY is he doing so much of this? He's steadily destroying our started years ago and the straw that's breaking our camel's back is, sadly, Obama.
And our education that's been so full of indoctrination our children are ruined. WHat an utterly ridiculous thing to do to Bush...almost as nutty as thinking he'd only cleared brush through his presidency, really.

Talk about indoctrination, Chuck, today I sub'd and talked to a black kid and a white kid..both guys, both about 16. They said government's too big and the States ought to take over and we need to get back to the basics of our founding.
Had I not been worried Sixty Minutes might be watching and soon to do a story about Mrs Z and sexually molesting boys, I'd have taken their heads in my hands and kissed them on their sweet little foreheads!! Cool, huh? TWO out of 239874239847239487 million! Well, it's a start :-)

sue hanes said...

Chuck - Well, this is your blog.

But that is the last mean thing I will say about George W. Bush ever - why?

Because today I put him on my no hit list.

Why did I do that?

Because he is no longer President.

He served his time and now he deserves to enjoy life.

And when he was President I griped about him constantly when I could have at least said a prayer for him or something postive to send his way.

And although I don't take back what I said - I'm not proud that I was so negative.

Being President of the United States is hard enough without people like me making it even more difficult.

And furthermore if I could - I would tell him that to his face.

but really - what are the chances of that ever happening.


sue hanes said...

Sorry Chuck - but I think I just hung too many Christmas Ornaments.


Alligator said...

@Z - The question is WHAT DOES SOROS WANT? WHY is he doing so much of this?

Soros is playing Monopoly. Only his game board is the world. When he goes to the bank or the community chest, there is real money in it - billions in fact. For the uber-rich the game is not about money, it is about the power. Some people just get their jollies knowing they are controlling individuals, or towns, or states, or nations, or the whole planet. It is just the base sin of mankind greed and a lust for power.

Brooke said...

Left good, right bad.

That's the bottom line in the twisted mind of the leftist. It doesn't matter what is really happening.

Chuck said...

Z, at times there is hope for the future. There are good kids out there

Sue, dissent is good. The irony os that Obama, with the economy in the dumps, is off on yet another vacation. Yet the left will go on and on about Bush at the ranch - where he actually did a lot of work for us.

Alligator, he makes his money largely from buying money. Tearing down the US is good for business IMHO

Brooke, about as complicated too

Chuck said...

Sue, I bash libs. Don't take it personally. I like your visits. I will actually say the one blogger I have lost over the years that I truly miss was a dyed-in-the-wool lib. He was a good guy but he stopped blogging and I miss his stopping by to argue with me.

sue hanes said...

Thanks Chuck.

But don't take it personally - because bloggers come and go -
but mostly they seem to come back.