Sunday, December 18, 2011

Quote Of The Week

"I stole your car,"

Michael Pratt

A 27 year old man in Florida went on a date with a woman. While at a movie, he told her he had to get something from her car. Concerned when he did not come back, she called him. He then informed her he had stolen her car.

Fortunately the genius is now in jail.

Only one question - would you give your car keys to this guy?


Alligator said...

Well, her name and picture was not released, but I'd wager she's not exactly June Cleaver.

Its really true. Stupid is as stupid does.

sue hanes said...

Well Chuck - She was on a date with him. So wouldn't you say that if she would go on a date with him she wouldn't think twice about giving her car keys to him?

To tell the Truth - I wouldn't go out on a date with someone who had a spider tattoo anywhere on their body.

Always On Watch said...

Idiocy abounds.

My single friends always do a background check on their perspective dates? I think that's a good step to take, actually.

Always On Watch said...

I totally agree with Sue about that spider tattoo. In my eyes, the tattoo alone would have disqualified this guy as a date.

Brooke said...

Yeah, I agree; I wouldn't come within 50 yards of a guy with a spider tattoo. Ugh!

LASunsett said...

I wouldn't let him shovel crap out of a horse stall.

Ticker said...

He must be into Christmas early wiht the red in the hair. I note he has "balls" on his eyelids and just below his lip as well as a ring in his nose. Guess he spent all his money on the "spider" and couldn't afford "balls" for his ears.

Now for the dingbat who gave him her keys. First it's a rental car so it makes you wonder who she gave her car to. Second is she so stupid as to think this fool is going to return the car? She calls him several times , doing what? Asking pretty please for the car or offering his an early Christmas present if he will? Makes you wonder what she looked like as well in this case. Then two days later this dingbat calls the cops? They should have arrested her.
If my daughters even thought of dating someone that looked like this fool I'd lock them away in the loony bin.

Chuck said...

Alligator, and you can't fix stupid

Sue, I did think of that

AOW, I'm glad I have not had to deal with that for over 2 decades

Brooke, agreed

LA, agreed - and I have a stall of horse crap

Ticker, I would chase his ass of if he was brought home to my house

Phill Senters said...

Her name wasn't released because it it probably spelled "Stupid". One swift glance at him should be enough to say no to a date with such a looser.

sue hanes said...

Chuck - I was checking back to see what others thought of 'spiderman' - and his picture didn't come up right away.

When it did it made me jump.


Z said...

Another question might be "would you give your name to this guy?"!

cube said...

The girl is probably as big a loser as the spider dude. Why else would she date him?