Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What Does The Country Do With This?

Indiana 2008 Presidential Primary Election Fraud Probe Heats Up


I have read about this issue before but it appears the investigation is becoming more and more significant and there is the real possibility that they will uncover fraud in the 2008 Presidential election.

It seems many of the signatures on petitions for placing Obama on the Indiana primary ballot were forged. It is is also possible that there were enough forgeries that he would not have in fact qualified to be on the ballot in Indiana.

If this is true, there are two very relevant questions.

-Is this the only incidence?

-What should be done about it?

As to the first question, I have to think it is highly unlikely that it is an isolated incident. One has to look no further than ACORN for the answer to that question.

There has been accusations starting during the campaign that there was fraud ongoing. The media and the rest of the left worked overtime to downplay the significance of this fraud. The story was always that yes, there was some fraud but it could never actually effect the outcome of an election. Right...

Finally, we have the constant push from the left to fight any kind of legislation requiring identification for voting. The charge form the left is that these rules are implemented to disenfranchise minority and lower-income voters. I have always believed it was a concerted effort to facilitate the fraud that has been rumored for years to be happening in Democrat-leaning districts. I think this investigation is going to go a long ways towards proving me right.

The second question is a little more complicated. I am not a constitutional expert, that would be Obama, but I am not sure this would disqualify him as President - yet. If this turns out to have occurred in other states, or leads to the discovery of fraud in the general election, we could be looking at a potential constitutional crisis.

What do you do with a sitting President that was not legally elected?

Reality is that it is not likely anything will happen in this term. I would think the only real remedy provided in the constitution is impeachment. That will not go through with the Senate controlled by the Dems. Also, there is the whole issue of who is then President. If Obama was elected fraudulently then Biden would have been too. We don't vote for Vice President, only President.

This is more likely to effect the next election, maybe even to the extent that Obama would be essentially forced to step down and not run for re-election. At the very least it would be virtually impossible for a President to be re-elected after winning a first term with fraud, whether they were involved in the fraud or not.

The most likely scenario is that this will lead to major congressional hearings next year. This will almost certainly be one can of worms the Democrats do not want opened. As I have said, there are years of anecdotal evidence of voter fraud on the part of the left. Paying the homeless with cigarettes and even cash for voting, going in to nursing homes and adult foster care homes and "helping" the residents fill out their ballots, people voting multiple times, the dead and infirm voting, and "finding" ballots in the trunks of cars (think Minnesota Senatorial election).

Stick around folks, this could get interesting.


sue hanes said...

First of all Chuck - I lived in Illinois for 25 years where the Governors all went to Jail.

Now I'm living in Indiana and you say there's trouble here too.

Mabye Trouble just follows me wherever I go.


Chuck said...

Sue, I knew this was your fault

sue hanes said...

chuck - : )

I try not to spike the football but Blago must be wondering - ogis

where did I go wrong. :(

sue hanes said...

I'm sorry Chuck - but I have no idea where 'ogis' came from.

Always On Watch said...

This is more likely to effect the next election, maybe even to the extent that Obama would be essentially forced to step down and not run for re-election.

My view is not as optimistic as yours.

Obama will get a pass on this matter -- just as he has on many other matters.

Ticker said...

AOW, correct as usual.

The LSM,the progressives and other demagogues would let him murder his own family and get away with it.

He is their "god" and therefore untouchable.

Chuck said...

AOW and Ticker, I'm not so sure. Clearly the media has been carrying water for him but this would be pretty hard to hide. They are already bleeding viewers/readers, etc. They have to be smart enough to know it is because of content. Maybe not the people on air but the suits. At some point advertising dollars, or the lack of, are going to start speaking loud and clear.

Z said...

this will go much reading and listening as I do, I'd never heard a thing about this particular situation.
And, I blogged for days in 2008, with various videos and testimony from Hillary supports (some from ILlinois) who said there was awful fraud particularly in Houston. Even Gloria Allred is on one video saying old people in Houston were asked if they were voting for Hillary and, if they were, they were told to go home. And they did because they were so intimidated.

Of course, some of the videos are gone....I'd gone back to check when someone asked me something about the fraud. I was amazed to see they're GONE.
And Gloria Allred, as angry as SHE was, was shut up quickly..........who knows how?

I worry for 2012