Thursday, April 28, 2011

"F You Republicans"

Professor's 'F--k You, Republicans' E-Mail Sparks Uproar | On the Record

Go here and read the article and definitely watch the video.

The campus Republicans of the University of Iowa sent out an e-mail to students inviting them to an event. Ellen Lewin, professor, Anthropology and Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies in the Department of Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies sent a reply, to all students, that said "F' YOU, REPUBLICANS" (she did not use the censored form of this word)

This was sent on her university e-mail account with her official university e-mail signature.

I only have one question - why isn't this bitch out looking for a new job today?

No, there is no irony in this question.

Yes, college professors have a right to free speech. They do not have a right to use their official e-mail account to use vulgarities at students.

I have always thought the best way to look at an issue like this is to turn it around and view it from a different angle.

Scenario: The University of Iowa Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Staff & Faculty Association (a real organization) sends out an e-mail to the students inviting them to a "coming out week" event and one of the straight staff members, offended by the gay lifestyle, sends an -mail to all of the students saying "F' YOU GAYS".

Seem okay to you? Think it would treated the same? By the media? By the college? Would it get the same e-mail response from the President? (see chain of e-mails in second link below) Would the faculty member be disciplined? Fired?

As a bonus, see the real irony in the chain of e-mails in this article.

The Chairwoman of the Iowa Federation of College and UI student Natalie Ginty, sent an e-mail to the professor in response to the initial e-mail. In her e-mail, Ms Ginty called the professor by her first name. She admittedly did this intentionally because she felt the professor did not deserve respect.

The professor is raising hell because of the lack of respect shown by the student. Is there a better example of leftist hypocrisy?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What Do You Think About This?

Arrest of Homeless Connecticut Woman for Enrolling Son in School Illegally Sparks Debate

Read the above article.

This woman enrolled her child in a school district in which she didn't live because it was a better school. Form there the battle lines were drawn.

On one side was the notion that she should adhere to the law and send her kid to the district in which she would pay taxes (if she were to do so).

On the other side is the idea that her child is entitled to the best education she can get for him and anyone who thinks differently is mean-spirited and hateful. The article doesn't mention racism but one has to assume that is card in the deck to played later when here and her supporters get more desperate.

Finally, read how she come to find herself in this position. The left sure now how to pick poster children for their causes.

What are your thoughts on all of this?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Quote Of The Week

"For over 40 years, our nation has come together on Earth Day to appreciate and raise awareness about our environment, natural heritage, and the resources upon which generations of Americans have depended. Healthy land and clean water and air are essential to the health of our communities and wildlife. Earth Day is an opportunity to renew America's commitment to preserving and protecting the state of our environment through community service and responsible stewardship."

Barack Obama, Earth Day '11

Now the irony of the statement (there's always irony with Obama's statements).

He made these comments at the end of a 3 day campaign swing that logged 10,666 miles, used 53,300 gallons of fuel. None of this includes the use of his helicopter, limo, or 29 vehicles for the rock star's entourage.

All of this according to this article

Friday, April 22, 2011

Is The Media Trying To Pull One On Us Again?

LA Sunsett wrote a good blog here at Political Yen/Yang questioning what is going on with the current circus Donald Trump is running and he asks if Trump is a Democratic plant. He also discusses the notion that Trump is viewed by the MSM as being a vulnerable candidate against Obama and therefore may be propping him up in hopes he would get the nomination and then proceed to hand the election to the anointed one, Obama. It is a good read and I recommend you stop by.

My question though is this; is the media doing something even more subtle to damage the Republican's chances to win in 2012?

Notice all of the articles about the "weak" Republican field. The polls showing that not many people can name a GOP candidate. The endless discussions about how nobody is jumping into the ring.

Now, look at your calender.

It's April 2011. Roughly 9 - 10 months from the first primary/caucus, depending on how the wrestling match over "first in the nation" events pan out. 16 months from the Republican National Convention. 19 months from the 2012 presidential election.

Traditionally campaigns don't start heating up until after the summer of the year before the election. I realize we are getting to the point of the perpetual presidential election in which the next election cycle starts the day after the election but it is not even summer yet.

Is there some subliminal messaging here? Is the media saying that there are no qualified or electable GOP candidates. That Republicans are afraid of Obama? Is this an attempt to make Obama appear unbeatable?

What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Background Check For Abortion?

Wasserman Schultz Calls for Background Checks on All Gun Purchases

Read the article

I'm not against keeping lunatics from having guns. What I am against is the left constantly wanting to pass laws to regulate those rights of ours that they do not agree with.

The argument made for a background check on guns will be over their use in violence and killing.

Name another activity that, when it is successful, is more violent or deadlier than abortion. Don't we have a public interest in knowing that someone wanting to commit abortion is in the right frame of mind?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Think This Is Real

U.N. Prepares to Debate Whether 'Mother Earth' Deserves Human Rights Status

Read the article.

I looked at my watch, not April 1st.

I double checked, I wasn't at

It's not an Onion News article.

It may actually be real.

They might really be serious.

Monday, April 18, 2011

What Do You Think About This?

Mustang of Social Sense, one of the great people that I have met through my blog, posted a disturbing video of a priest being persecuted in Finland for calling a terrorist, well, a terrorist.

Visit the post here if you haven't already and then read this article and tell me what you think.

U.S. Ambassador to Resign After Criticism Over Focus on Abortion, Faith

His assertion is that we are heading the way of Finland, which I do agree with. My question though is, are we closer than we think? At least under the Obama Administration.

The administration, along with liberals across the country from the federal government on down to local school districts, are becoming increasingly more hostile to Christianity and it's holidays and more and more tolerant of Islam.

I am not against tolerance, I think a civilized society should practice it.

This "tolerance" though has turned into a case of political correctness killing us. Official America is tolerant of Islam to the extent of turning a blind eye to it's terroristic actions inside our own borders. We are not actively and intently pursuing and investigating organizations and schools that are openly advocating violence against Americans for fear of offending them.

Take the Fort Hood shooting as one easy example. There were so many warning signs about Nidal Malik Hasan man who would eventually open fire on the base, killing 13 people and wounding 29, that were ignored in the name of political correctness.

The man had a history of being unstable and spoke publicly about suicide bombings. He had ties to radical Islamic Imam Anwar al-Awlaki. In one of 18 e-mails to al-Awlaki that the FBI had intercepted Hasan wrote "I can't wait to join you" in the afterlife.

Read more about this at Wikileaks.

We have US Congressmen contemplating apologizing for the actions of one lunatic pastor in Florida who burned a Koran.

Any college that positions itself as Christian centered and would prefer only like-minded students is held up for ridicule and faces scrutiny from the government for discrimination yet we have radical Islamic schools here in the US teaching hatred of America.

The same administration that is forcing out this Ambassador has a Muslim Affairs Coordinator and the Director of NASA, appointed by Obama, has publicly stated that NASA's new mission is Muslim outreach.

Finally, as Mustang pointed out, we are letting a group build a victory mosque in the shadow of the World Trade Towers.

So, back to the original question. Are we closer than we think to what Finland is doing?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quote Of The Week

Republican plans to shrink the reach of government is "not a vision that's impelled by the numbers" but a "choice" to give a trillion dollars in tax breaks to the rich rather than ask those who have been "blessed" to "give a little more," he said.

Barack Obama

The quote this week is not a direct one, I was unable to find the full quote. I wanted to highlight something here though.

ask those who have been "blessed" to "give a little more,

We will never meet in the middle on fair tax cuts with the left and this quote tells you exactly why.

These people did not earn their money, they were "blessed". This is a simple word but says a lot.

The left genuinely believes that the wealthy do not deserve to keep their money. The money was a gift that they were blessed with and they cannot understand why the wealthy don't just share this gift with others.

Give up arguing with them, you cannot argue with a believer. This is not an act of greed, they really believe this IMHO.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yet Another Reason To Be Proud Of Michigan

Michigan is a great state. I have lived here my whole life and would not want to live anywhere else.

We have a dark side though. As you all know we are home to Detroit and Flint. The birthplace of Michael Moore, Sandra Bernhard, and Madonna.

We also have Geoffrey Fieger.

It appears Mr Fieger wants to make Detroit the new Amsterdam. He wants the mayor of Detroit, Dave Bing, to look the other way on prostitution and marijuana laws.

Read the article.

This is a tough call. On one hand we have Dave Bing, a man who appears to be the first decent mayor the city of Detroit has had in a long time. On the other hand we have an idiot who wants to ignore crime in the city of Detroit.

Of course we all know the one thing that would help Detroit is to invite more crime.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What Do You Think About This? Part 2

I posted a blog a couple of days ago about schools in Chicago controlling what kids eat.

Blogger friend Cube of The Blog posted a comment that got me thinking.

I hear the lefties chanting, "Keep your hands off my uterus", so why is it open season for the government to intrude on our kids, on us, and all that we do?

Think about the things the left don't want us to exert control over.

As Cube says, stay out of our uterus.

Stay out of our bedroom.

Don't ask for proof of eligibility to vote.

Don't ask for proof of citizenship.

Don't search a criminal's car/person/luggage/purse/etc without a warrant while they are actively committing a crime .

Don't place reasonable graduation requirements on inner city kids.

Don't place restrictions on what children can look at online at the library.

Don't place an age limit on when a kid can get an abortion.

Don't place an age limit on when a kid can have condoms.

Don't place an age limit on when kids learn about sex education, homosexuality, condom use, etc.

So, why is it that a group of people so bent on protecting "rights" is so bent on controlling:

What our kids eat.

What type of car we drive.

What type of toilet we use.

What type of bulb we use.

Where and how we practice religion (only applies to Christians).

What we fertilize our lawn with.

What the hell is going on here?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Do You Think About This?

Chicago school bans some lunches brought from home

Read the article. Take special notice of where the schools are.

One school does not allow kids to bring lunches from home. Instead they feed them crappy food that a lot of them don't eat.

Another school allows kids to bring their lunch along as they approve of what they have. If the lunch doesn't meet the standards of the school lunch Nazi then apparently the child is wrestled to the ground and the food is ripped from their hands. Fortunately they do this before the kid is eaten so they are probably in a weakened state and do not put up much resistance.

A few things here.

As I said at the beginning, notice where these schools are. They are located in Chicago, the same city that produced the current inhabitant of the White House. A man who aspires to set up his own little socialist banana republic modeled after that of his friend in Venezuela.

Notice in the article that the school gets more federal funding when more kids eat lunch at school. Also notice that the caterer makes more money. Am I the only one that wonders if this whole thing warrants a closer look at the principal?

Finally, it's a brave new world. One in which we have the government to help us with raising and feeding our kids.

What are thoughts on all of this? Aren't you happy we have thugs like this, especially in the White House? Are you happy with where the country is going?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Quote Of The Week

"We are absolutely outraged. This is the functional equivalent of bombing innocent civilians,"..."It's time that the District of Columbia told the Congress to go straight to hell."

D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, DC Delegate to the House of Representatives

What is this nutcase Delegate upset about? The budget passed by the GOP bans the use of federal or local funds for abortion in the city of Washington DC.

First, it is already against federal law to use federal funds for abortion and the left seems to have trouble wrapping the heads around this.

Let's ignore that for now though.

Then there is the issue of DC telling Congress to go to hell. How about if we let that armpit support itself?

Let's also ignore that for now.

Preventing the use of government funds to pay for the murder of innocent children is the "functional equivalent of bombing innocent civilians"?

Do these people ever stop to think how absolutely retarded they sound? This is just more proof that liberalism is a mental disorder. Based on some of the nonsense we get from the left, one could argue that it is a form of developmental disability.

In my mind, equating bombing innocent civilians with not letting women murder their unborn children goes beyond retarded and goes to being evil.

But then I realize, she is a product of the city that re-elects Marion Barry - whenever he is not in prison.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Gay Cavemen?

The left will stop at nothing to sell their agenda.

Stone Age Gender Bender: Was 5,000-Year-Old Skeleton Gay?

Read the article

But wait, we haven't gotten to the absurd part yet. According to the article some people are offended because there is too little evidence to conclude the caveman was gay, he could be transexual. Evidently anthropologists can be really insensitive to transgendered individuals.

Of course you are laughing about all of this now. Stop for a minute though and think about who paid for this research, or if not this one, others just as ridiculous.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Decipher This

Obama: Expect little short-term relief on gas prices


This is an article about a visit Obama made to a wind turbine plant. He made remarks about his energy policy and how he views the current gasoline prices.

Read the article and see if you can decipher what he is saying. (Answer below)

Answer ("F you America, I have a far-left agenda to push here")

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This Is Creepy

Miley Cyrus Sex Doll Flying Off Shelves

Read the article.

This is creepy on so many levels. I realize that she has been running a little wild lately and she is 18 years old. But this is still sick.

My daughter used to watch Hannah Montana. In my mind she is a kid on TV, not a sex symbol.

What makes it even more distressing is that they can't keep this on the shelves. There are a lot of sick puppies out there.

What I wonder is if there is a limit to how one makes money?

I am a fan of the free market and don't think things should be overly regulated unless they are obviously illegal such as child pornography.

With this said, is there any self-respect in these guys?

My wife and I have had financial difficulties and there have likely been opportunities in the past in which I could be more secure financially if I were to be less picky.

I have to sleep at night though. Do you think these guys sleep well at night? How do they do it? Am I all wrong on this? WIthout sounding like an old guy, is there anything sacred left in our society or is it anything goes? Just curious as to what your thoughts are.

Monday, April 4, 2011

What Do You Think About This?

Senators Consider Hamid Karzai's Request to Condemn Koran Burning Amid Protests

Read the article here.

The Muzzies are rioting and killing people in Asscrackistan supposedly because a nut-job minister in Florida (they really need to check the water down there) burned a Koran.

Senator Reid and fellow Democrat RINO Lindsey Graham are suggesting Congress may pass a resolution begging the Muzzies to please forgive us and stop killing people.

I think this seems rational to me. We need to apologize for the insensitivity of Americans, even if it is just one of us.

While we are at it, why don't we apologize to China for all of the Chinese buffets and maybe they will let the dissidents go.

Same for the Mexicans for us making Cool Ranch Doritos. Perhaps then they will help secure the borders.

Then there are the Irish and that disgusting Lucky Charms cereal. If we had not made that crap there is the possibility that the whole IRA thing may not have happened.

Or, maybe, we can finally get it through our thick heads that rioting and killing each other over ridiculous reasons is something they have been doing in Muslim countries for centuries and just tell them to go to hell.

What are your thoughts?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quote Of The Week

"The Tea Party Republicans in Washington claim they’re concerned about the budget balance, but it’s a disguise! It’s not true! It’s a lie! That’s not what they want. They want — they want other people not to be able to have their own opinions. They don’t deserve the freedoms that are in the Constitution! But we’ll give them to them anyway."

Sen Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ)

Tea Party members don't deserve Constitutional freedoms? Since when do we have to "deserve" our rights? We lose the right by practicing it?

This sentiment is funny considering those on the left will defend the rights of the lowest POS criminal. Rapists, pedophiles, murderers, etc.

They defended the right to freedom of speech for NBPP members who used that right to intimidate voters with night sticks outside a polling place.

Yet the Tea Party should not have the right to espouse their political views?

Then there is the arrogance. "But we will give them to them anyway."

This part is scary.

It would be easy to pass this off as getting wrapped up in the moment, and the media will, but this came from somewhere.

The left really believes that our freedoms come from the government to the people. This means the government can take them back if they want to. That is the kind of thought process found frequently throughout history in places like Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Venezuela, etc.

To them freedom is a privilege and the government decides if one is deserving.

This cannot be dismissed considering the actions of the left in recent history. Think of the Fairness Doctrine, Obamakare and it's mandate (and the build-up of the IRS to enforce it), the Department of Homeland Security classifying the right as potential terrorists, recent school reforms mandating food choices, attempts to gut the Second Amndment.

This was no slip of the tongue. Moments like this give us a glimpse into the mind of the left and their vision for America.