Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Think You Will Ever See This Headline?

Fox New's Sean Hannity: 'Too Black' New Yorkers Abandoning Romney

So, think you will ever see that headline? Think Hannity would ask this question? Think he would have Hell to pay if he ever did?

It is quite likely the answer to the above questions are, respectively, No. No. and Yes.

So, why is this real headline okay?

NBC's Mitchell: 'Too White' Iowans Abandoning Obama

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sue hanes said...

But Chuck - Rick Santorum?

The Heathen Republican said...

The left protects its own.

Chuck said...

Sue, I don't think Santorum goes any further. This was a win for Romney IMHO

Heathen, welcome and cool name. I agree

sue hanes said...

Chuck - The reason I mentioned Rick Santorum is that I was surprised that he was still even in the race.

Don't you think that Mitt Romney is going to be the candidate for the Republicans.

I think he is really the only choice.

Z said...

I think we've got away from the headline....I couldn't even read most of it. This is the typical left...if we dare disagree with Obama, we're "too white' now? Because Andrea has the nerve to say that but hasn't the nerve to say RACIST?

Unreal. And they blame Republicans for being devicive?

MK said...

Hi Chuck, hope you have been well this last month, i'm back in the land down under.

Chuck said...

MK, welcome back. Hope you and your family had a great holiday