Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Usted Debe Hablar inglés Para Ser Un miembro de Consejo

Woman fights to run for city council despite not speaking English proficiently

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This is happening now in San Luis, Arizona. A woman is trying to run for city council even though she does not speak English proficiently. This is in violation of an Arizona law requiring elected officials to know English.

Alejandrina Cabrera has needed an interpreter and has been deemed, based on testing by a sociolinguistics expert, to not be proficient in English.

The case is being referred to the Arizona Supreme Court. In a previous hearing she was unable to answer questions posed to her in English.

I'm a little confused as to the issue here. How could anyone reasonably think it is okay for an elected official be unable to speak, read, and understand English?

This case is telling in that it is even being brought at all. The reality is that we are losing the American southwest to Mexico. We need to win cases like this to draw a line in the sand.

One interesting aspect of this to watch for is that the main allegation by her lawyers is that the law does not define what "proficiency" means. If they are true than this is a fair assertion and a major flaw by the officials that enacted it. This could lead to the law being overturned and elected officials then not being required to speak English.

With the population of Arizona trending Hispanic, will the state legislature and Governor be able to pass another law requiring English?

Elected officials not needing to speak English very easily could become the law of the land in Arizona.


shoprat said...

It needs to be in the Federal Constitution as well. All immigrants should be fluent in English before they can even apply for citizenship.

Leticia said...

If you are going to run for public office in the United States, then you should be proficient in the English language.

If she were elected, this would mean that the tax payers of Arizona would have to fork out extra cash to pay for the interpreter.

This is utter nonsense. I honestly believe that English should be the official language in the United States, then we wouldn't have to deal with this kind of stupidity.

Phill Senters said...

This makes no sense. She should go to Mexico if she wants to serve.

sue hanes said...

Chuck - In the Bars where People are allowed to Pack Heat - do those People speak English - or do they sometimes speak Spanish too?

jus' wonderin'

Chuck said...

Shoprat, good to see you back my friend. I agree, citizenship should require one to speak English. Unfortunately citizenship isn't what it used to be. Now you don't need it to do, well almost anything. Obviously I am proud of my citizenship but the left has virtually made it a quaint idea from a bygone era.

Leticia, an interpreter for a public official. Did you ever think you would see the day? I agree, it should be the official language.

Phill, dead on

Sue, I'm not sure what that means...

If they are citizens they have a right to bear arms. If they are not, they are possibly illegal anyways.

Always On Watch said...

Some of my homeschool students take math at the local community college. One of the big problems there: math teachers who cannot speak English worth a flip!

I'm with Leticia. I favor a national law making English as the official language of the United States.

Brooke said...

Why should she be required to speak English to run? Voters don't have to speak it and are catered to with multi lingual ballots.

Hell, most American youths can't even speak English!


sue hanes said...

Chuck - It was just an attempt to make a Joke - something I'm not Real good at.


Z said...

her constituency would probably understand her better than her English-speaking cohorts.
We're a dirty doormat now as a country......."don't live like an America, just do what you want, and we'll PAY you and bring your kids up, too!" Can anybody blame her for trying?

MK said...

The other thing is that is there no commitment from her to learn to speak english, or is the rest of the country supposed to conform to her way of life too.

Makes you wonder if these people really are hell bent on turning America into the very dump they emigrated from. That would be profoundly stupid if you ask me.

sue hanes said...

Chuck - Did you know that when I click on your Blog there is a popup that appears called pvalentine?

I checked it out and it is just dirty stuff.

Just thought you'd like to know.

Brooke said...

I get that too, but my pop up says gopvalentine. It also asked for some kind of password/email.

I didn't check it out (glad I didn't), but just figured on some kind of spam and clicked cancel.

And my popup blocker is on!

Chuck said...

Sorry, haven't been around. I got that little bug last year too. I will look at the code and try to get rid of it. Thanks Sue and Brooke.

sue hanes said...

Brooke - It Really wasn't that bad - no pictures or anything.

I am glad - however - that I wasn't stupid enough to give my 'information.' : ]