Monday, January 23, 2012

What Do You Think About This?

Joe Paterno died over the weekend. I offer my condolences to his family and hope they find peace.

Politicians, coaches, and others from across the country have been offering words of praise for the coach.

What are your thoughts on this?

Obviously I do not think anyone should attack him. Quite frankly, I think that since he's dead we need to stop talking about his role in the case except as it is pertinent in any future lawsuits which are certain to arise. No one is served by dragging a dead man's name through the mud.

What about all of the platitudes though?

We are hearing people say he was a good man. He had integrity. He was a leader of young men.

Was he?

The current scandal is enough to make a person question his integrity.

Beyond that, it has become apparent he was a controlling person who placed his football program above all else. Stories coming out of Happy Valley since the scandal broke paint a picture of a coach who turned a blind eye to transgressions by his players to preserve the team. It seems as if the man not only did not care what he players did at times but didn't understand why others did. It seemed as if was the ultimate 'boys will be boys' attitude.

So the question is, was he a good man? Should he be remembered as such? Should he get to keep his reputation because he died before the trials, along with all of the tawdry details and his involvement in them, started?

This is not to speak ill of the dead but it also is not the first time we have seen this phenomenon.

What are your thoughts?


sue hanes said...

Joe - When the Scandal first broke about Joe Paterno I spoke with my brother on the phone and brought the subject up.

He said, 'But he's such a good guy.'

And I said, 'Is he? Either he's a good guy or he isn't.'

I'm a 'a chain is as strong as its
weakest link' sort of person,'

And this is what feeds my 'hostility' toward Organized Sports.

It's not that Sports doesn't represent fine Coaches, Players and even exciting games.

It's the attitude of the People who blindly turn their Heads to these things - time after time.

And that is most likely why Joe Paterno turned his back.

Z said...

Chuck, I think you're right to remind not to speak ill of the dead.
He has probably literally millions of huge fans and has for his whole career. He obviously did good things for the teams and made a lot of people happy.
I say let him rest in peace...his family will have sadness enough that he's gone but now they have to also deal with the fact that, with some, his reputation's been soiled so badly.
He didn't pay enough attention to anything that stood in the team's way. That was wrong, no doubt about it. But now he's gone and, hopefully, other coaches have learned from his mistakes, and his triumphs.

Brooke said...

Sorry, I, as someone who was molested as a child, have less than zero sympathy for Paferno.

'JoPa' may not have stuck his cock where it didn't belong, but he sure didn't stop that action either, did he?

Shall we not speak Ill of other dead folks who were evil or enabled it?

Chuck said...

Sue, I can't argue. I love sports but it has become sleazy

Z, I don't want to smear the dead but I am closer to Brooke below than I am to tolerance.

Brooke, sorry for your past. I do not feel quite as strong about it as you, you have reason, but I do agree. At the risk of being insensitive, he did die at an opportune time...

Z said...

Chuck, I have no tolerance for what he ignored, nor that he ignored it, believe me.
And yes, he did rather die at an opportune time, didn't he.
I think he was more naive in thinking he'd done enough than anything else, but I'm willing to admit I might be naive here.
And my heart aches for the victims.
For Brooke, too, as I hadn't known that about her past. xx

Brooke said...

Chuck, Z, thanks. I'm sure I didn't have it nearly as bad as some who suffer from this breed of scum, but it is still a terrible experience.

My hubby and I have commented a few times to each other that this story broke right before Paterno revealed he was seriously ill. Coincidence... I think not!

It infuriates me to listen to the local talk radio station and hear callers going on about Paterno having 'died of a broken heart'. Ugh!

Leticia said...

I agree the man is dead, it's time to let matters go. I believe he is already facing the final judgement with God Almighty.

I am saddened for the family and they have my condolences.

Leticia said...

I agree the man is dead, it's time to let matters go. I believe he is already facing the final judgement with God Almighty.

I am saddened for the family and they have my condolences.

Chuck said...

Z, it is tough to know how to feel. I do not believe he thought he was doing to the right thing. I don't think he thought he was doing the wrong thing. I think he simply didn't care and this is his true sin. In his mind the football team was all that mattered. Maybe this is noble to some extent but not in this case.

Brooke, to you it's a bad experience. Degree of offense is not that important. As to his illness, I suspected all along that they announced so quickly after the scandal to detract. Sleazy but effective.

Leticia, first - you have to love Blogger. First - you have to love blogger ;)

I tend to agree. His earthly judgement is no longer relevant. While I have no use for him and think he was a sleazy little man, I do not want to be too harsh because the ones suffering now are his family. Negative comments would do nothing to Paterno nor likely help alleviate the pain of his victims (yes I attribute them to him too, he did not stop the abuse, he gets part of the blame). The negative comments only will hurt the family now.

sue hanes said...

Brooke - I'm sorry about what happened to you - and I can't imagine what it must be like to have to live with that.

Brooke said...

Thanks, Sue.

sue hanes said...

Brooke - You're welcome.

Although I have never met you - I have read your comments and to me
they show that you probably have worked through the Abuse - and are living a well-adjusted Life.

Have you ever seen the movie The Rabbit Hole?

In it this woman tells her daughter - both have experienced loss of a child - and this really can be used in any Difficut Life Situation - when her daughter asks if you even get over it - and the mother says:


But You Take It Off Of Your Shoulder And Carry It Around In Your Pocket For The Rest Of Your

Brooke said...

Sue: I've never seen that movie.

But, after mentally confronting what had happened, I decided that I couldn't let that define my day to day life. If I did so, the ass that hurt me would've ultimately won.

I do say that I have zero tolerance for child molesters and those that turn a blind eye to them.

cube said...

I didn't know anything about this case until it made the news. Frankly, I think these coaches dropped the ball. They should've stepped up and helped these kids rather than the sports program.

sue hanes said...

Brooke - I've sometimes thought that we can take comfort in knowing that those people - should they be caught - if they make it out of prison alive - hopefully will think twice before they do that again.

Unfortunately - many are repeat offenders - and which is why making those sex offenders regiter is a necessary thing.

sue hanes said...

Cube - I don't thing anyone knew until it made the news -

except for those WHO DID KNOW.

MK said...

Those who want to heap praise upon those who didn't earn it should be careful, they might just incite others to tell the truth.

shoprat said...

Unfortunately all human idols have feet of clay and that is why we should not look to each other, but to the only perfect Man Who ever lived.

sue hanes said...

Amen to that - Shoprat.

It's good to have you back.

Always On Watch said...

I've noticed at funerals that the eulogies don't have much basis in reality.

My thought on Joe Paterno: Let the family and friends grieve, but don't turn the deceased into a saint. He clearly was not.

sue hanes said...

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