Thursday, January 19, 2012

Who Does The NAACP Represent?

I have a definite opinion on this. I'm just curious as to what everyone else thinks.

App That Would Guide Users Away From High-Crime Areas Proves Controversial

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This is getting push-back from the NAACP.

I find this interesting. What are they saying? High crime areas are only in black communities?

Does anyone really believe that is true?

I think it is clear that crime rates are higher in inner cities. It is also typical that there are a higher proportion of minorities in the inner city. But is it a given that the minority-heavy areas are the only high crime areas?

Or, is it true? Does the leadership of the NAACP believe that it is a general rule that minority communities have a higher crime rate?

If this is so, what are they doing about it? Why don't they "lead" and try to get the people they purport to represent out of this?

I think if there is one truism, it is that not all minorities want to live in a crime ridden area. By and large, most people regardless of race, nationality, culture, etc want the same thing. They want to raise their kids in a safe clean environment. They want to have a job and provide for their family. They want their kids to do better than they do.

There are obviously people in the minority community that do not want this. Guess what - there are whites that feel the same way. Dead beats, criminals, those who want entitlements come in all colors.

So, why does the NAACP pull the race card whenever something like this comes out? Race is not mentioned in any way, shape, or form here. As a matter of fact, this app will likely be used by monitories themselves. Maybe more. Why would a decent honest minority want to find themselves in a high crime area at 11:00 at night?

The real question here is - who does the NAACP actually represent? Do they represent all blacks, including the prosperous, hard-working blacks, people often called "Uncle Toms" or "race traitors"? Or do they represent the criminals, the welfare queens, the dead beats? Outrages like this by the NAACP, the Rev Jesse Jackson Jr, Al Sharpton, etc makes one wonder. I just find it interesting that we never hear a similar outcry from the above mentioned when a fellow black is called an Uncle Tom or race traitor...


sue hanes said...

Chuck - I think we may be getting into a weird area here...

kinda like early detection of sex in pregnancies.

Z said...

Ya, NAACP, listen up: the areas of the people who are your constituency are often troubled areas, to say the least. DO something about it, don't complain because those who don't want to get into trouble might be warned.

Man, what a country.

Chuck said...

Sue, I'm not sure of the connection. What I do think is that they do need to b certain they are right. We do not need to unfairly tag a community. Is that what you mean?

Z, dead on. Shut up and do something.

Always On Watch said...

The NAACP is sending quite a message here. I would think that many African Americans would be insulted -- but not by the app itself.

I see no problem with an app that relies on crime statistics to guide people away from that area.

As one local to the D.C. area, I know full well which parts of town I don't want to drive through alone -- particularly late at night.

cube said...

This issue reminds me of the white elephant in the room that nobody wants to mention.

If there's an incentive for this app, then it will be downloaded.

The NAACP only mentions race when it benefits their agenda and not otherwise. It's like having your cake and eating it too.

Chuck said...

AOW, agreed. This is just more of the racism from the left. They are the ones saying blacks are criminals. They are the ones that say blacks cannot learn at the same level. But we (conservatives) are the racists.

Cube, agreed. The race card, never leave home without it.

mark said...

There are some dumb ass people making comments on this page. The article did not state enough for anyone to assume that the NAACP got involved without being asked to. Furthermore, some may choose to call different areas by a different name, but there are white, Latin and Asian ghettos also.
As a black person there are certain white areas I wouldn't be caught walking or driving through. There are "scary" looking white people also. And as for Chuck or AOW saying that blacks are the ones saying blacks can't learn at the same level as others, that's simply more ignorance from the right. There is a difference between saying equal education and opportunity is needed than saying blacks can't learn at the same level.
I guarantee you that most of the people commenting on this page have no idea or knowledge about the NAACP, other than high profile cases that get attention and are usually proven to be justified. And they don't see the hypocrisy in themselves automatically discounting a racial issue by alleging the "race" card was played. Anyone who discounts racism is still alive needn't look any further than the Republican presidential primary.

sue hanes said...

Chuck - I will try to explain my comment - and the connection I suggested between indicating which 'areas' not to drive through/
and early detection of the s*x of a baby.

Now I have read from time to time that there is an attempt to detect - very early - the sex of a baby.

To me this means that if that happens we could be headed for choosing whether this planet will be inhabited by males or females.

In other words I think it is morally wrong to make that choice -
and I beleive it should be left to 'chance.'

Now if couples want to 'try' to determine the s*x by doing certain things - I've heard of such stuff -I don't necessarliy think that is wrong.

But I say no help from 'Science.'

Now here is what I saw as a connection to having GPSes automatically allowing people to avoid 'risky' neighborhoods - and this certainly a touchy subject.

The thing is - if we start 'building walls' in this Country - we are going to widen the already wide gap which is happening.

But if Folks want to find out which 'risky' neighborhoods to avoid - then more power to them.

I just think we need to find ways to 'come together' rather then to make it easier to 'avoid our American fellow Neighbors.

Brooke said...

In my hometown, if you cross the river and take a right before you get to MLK Blvd you have just launched yourself into a very bad, crazy, drug-ridden area of town.

Guess what? It isn't a 'black' neighborhood, either! Will the NAACP get their hackles up about a white druggie neighborhood possibly being targeted by this app?

Nah, the race card is all about the mock outrage and profits!

Alligator said...

So the NAACP is saying that all high crime areas are the result of a black population? Actually, I know a few high crime areas where you would be hard pressed to find any blacks.

"Nah, the race card is all about the mock outrage and profits!"
You nailed it Brooke.

Chuck said...

Mark, where to start?

-As a white person there are white areas I would not walk through, which is exactly my point. For the record, I grew up in a mixed white/black ghetto.

-The race card was played, as it usually is. Do you really think Microsoft asked the NAACP to weigh in? What was the NAACP complaining about?

-Black activists have been for years making the assertion that blacks cannot learn at the same level as whites. They do not do this outright of course but it has been there.

You said

There is a difference between saying equal education and opportunity is needed than saying blacks can't learn at the same level.

You know as well as I have that black activists have pushed for lower standards for decades. You know as well as I that they claim that expecting black children to pass standardized tests is racist. You know that there are some in the black community that still claim seeking education is being white. You know that black activists have pushed for preferences on civil service exams.

I am a little unclear what your issue is with this post. I think these attitudes are very disrespectful to any child or adult. I have the firm belief, and my writing has been consistent on this, that children regardless of race are equally capable of learning.

You can pretend that equality is what a lot of black leaders are asking for but I believe you know in your heart this is not true.

Finally, what exactly is racist about the current GOP field? You do not get to come here and make comments like that without supporting it.

I have to say my friend that based on your comments, there appears to be only one racist here.

Sue, I understand

Brooke, I'm guessing no - the NAACP will be okay with this neighborhood being targeted

Chuck said...

Alligator, agreed

Z said...

Chuck, did you hear the NY Times is playing on racism from Gingrich because he's mentioned FOOD STAMPS?

Talk about who's racist here....there are more whites on food stamps than's that make Newt Gingrich racist, unless it's against whites? unreal. It sure plays well to the listening public who doesn't bother to research, however.

Chuck said...

Z, he's a conservative - he's clearly a racist.