Thursday, February 16, 2012

Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grade Teacher?

“Educators know best how to serve children, not necessarily regular residents,”

Debbie Squires, director, Michigan Elementary and Middle Schools Principals Association

This was in a legislative hearing in Michigan on charter schools. Read the article, it's quite entertaining.

Her contention is that parents get a say when they elect school board members. Evidently after that it is out of our hands. We need to let the professionals do their job.

This is getting scary folks. Take this along with my post from yesterday in which a state worker took lunch away from a pre-schooler because it was not healthy enough.

The part that is scary is that these people really believe this crap. They think the government does know better how to raise our children, how we should live our lives.

I have always believed that policies and ideas like this are insidious. They are akin to a cancer on our society. We quietly cede more and more to the government until our freedoms are chipped away.

Take today's and yesterday's posts as an example.

It used to be that any decisions about our children were left to parents, quaint I know but true.

Then we started to have teachers at a local level exercise a little control.

Next we formed the department of education. Along the way the federal government became more and more involved in decisions at local schools, including setting guidelines for what constitutes a healthy lunch/breakfast for our children.

Eventually the federal government got in the business of subsidizing the meals. With money comes power. Once they began paying for the food, they were able to exercise more control over what was fed to the children.

We now find ourselves in a spot in which educators, such as the one above, believe they know what is best for our children.

Finally this leads to the state worker in yesterday's post being empowered to snatch the food away from our children if they deem it does not meet their standards. More than that the standards are arbitrary because the lunch the child had was actually quite healthy.

We have now lost control over our children's lunches.

It's a brave new world.


sue hanes said...

Chuck - Have you ever thought of capitalizing the first letter in some of the Words In Your Posts?

For intstance - your Post of today - the last Phrase would be so much more effective if it read:

Brave New World

See what I mean - Chuck?

Always On Watch said...

Schools no longer stand in loco parentis. Rather, schools stand as "the experts smarter than parents."


Chuck said...

Sue, I;m not necessarily one for the dramatic ;)

AOW, agreed