Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nailed It

We have seen arguments for voter ID laws. Most recently it has been reported that there is a very significant number of people registered to vote in multiple states, after they are dead, etc.

In my mind voter ID laws are a no brainer. This is the best statement I have seen so far to counter the arguments against not doing it.

It’s perplexing how so many groups complaining about voter ID laws have the funds to register voters, educate voters and transport voters to the polls, but never budget anything to rectify ID problems or ask if people have all that’s required of them on Election Day.

Hmm, I'm starting to suspect something else is going on here.

Read the rest of the Fox article here


Leticia said...

I believe every person that is going to vote MUST show a photo ID, period.

That's the only way that we can make sure a dead person or zombie will not be able to cast a vote.

Always On Watch said...

After 9/11, we've had to show a photo ID here.

In my view, photo ID should be required for every election.

Chuck said...

Leticia and AOW, agreed. We do in Michigan.

Brooke said...

As do we in Ohio. I can't imagine why it isn't standard practice.

Absentee votes should be disallowed, too, IMO. Sorry.

cube said...

I had a scare during the last election. I had idiotically allowed my driver's license to expire and had I not had a current right to carry license, I would've been turned away. They don't mess around in my poll station.

sue hanes said...

Chuck - Dead people should not be allowed to Vote.

This goes against every Principle that Our Country is founded on.

And to me it signals Gerrymandering at it's worst.

Thanks - Chuck - for blowing the whistle on this absurd and Really
Ridiculous Practice.

Chuck said...

Brooke, I am not entirely against absentee ballots. I had to use one in 2008 because I worked from 7 - 7 and would not get home until after 8, when the polls closed. What they need to do is make people show cause and keep track of who votes.

Cube, you found a way though. Proof the system can work

Sue, the dead vote and vote often