Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Vending Abortion

Vending machine at Pennsylvania college dispenses 'morning after' pill

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Is this where our society is going? We have had abortion on demand, for use as a birth control, for decades. Now we are going to place the means for aborting in a vending machine?

Where do we, as a society, go from here?


Z said...

The linked article mentions "the school MINISTER?" That's surprising in and of itself.
As for vending abortions, I couldn't even read the article you linked past the first few paragraphs because the whole concept is so disturbing.
Chuck, we can't be too surprised when there are colleges with HOOKUP ROOMS.. God forbid kids get over starved for sex and haven't a partner; just meet up with someone, do it, and go home without a 'how do you do?' and then go get the morning after pill..that should raise people with a lot of respect for themselves, huh?! (sarcasm here, of course)

At a high school recently, I had a discussion in a class and asked why the kids thought people have children today...they all had reasons like "societal pressure" "accidents" "they want to save their marriage"
Not one said "parents want children to love and protect and cherish." NOt ONE.
I believe that when we treat sex this cheaply, the product of sex is also diminished...that'd be the human race. God help us all.

Always On Watch said...

Giving sanction to sex!

Don't students go to college for classes -- not sexual romps?

Always On Watch said...

Hookup rooms? Are you kidding me?

Brooke said...

The natural evolution of forbidding abstinence until marriage education.


Z said...

AOW, are you kidding ME? Oh, yes...


read it and weep

sue hanes said...

Chuck - This is a Stupid thing.

It is irresponsible of the Makers of this pill to promote promiscuious s*x - and indicated by the manufacturing of this Pill that Our Country is that Type of Person.

sue hanes said...

Furthermore I think Condoms are the only way to go.

as long as they are reliable

The Best Thing To Do Is Abstinence
until you are my age and then start having S*x.

Chuck said...

Z, I think legalizing abortion cheapened life all around. When people become disposable then nothing is sacred.

AOW, my son is at a small private Catholic college. There are still a few good college kids out there. Although sadly public colleges have become just about as relevant as public schools.

Brooke well put. Add to that advocacy of sex of any kind...

Sue, there is also such a thing as responsibility. This is something many have not instilled in their kids.

sue hanes said...

Chuck - I totally agree with you that many parents do not instill
Responsibility in their kids.

But it has been my observation - as a Grandmother - that even the little kids - and especially the little boys - catch on early to the
Natural Importance of S*x.

So sometimes responsibility goes out the window - no matter how hard to parents have tried to teach it in the home.

sue hanes said...

AOW - I was once a College Student and although the Academic Atmosphere has stayed with me ever since - I also remember very well the other side of College - Parties, Drinking and light s*x.

And I can assure this comment is coming from a person that was NEVER was you would call a Party Girl.

But when you get the FREEDOM of College and combine it with FUN - anything can and does happen.

It is just a natural thing.

sue hanes said...

It is what Bill Maher calls - and he is dead right - the Importance of Getting Laid.

that's the bottom line here

MK said...

"We value student input on matters that directly pertain to their health and safety...."

I wonder if the Christian students feel that their input is valued just as much as the other students.

"Sometimes, in certain situations, it's really needed," she told FoxNews.com. "And most people do not want to go to a pharmacy. It's more embarrassing to go to complete strangers."

There's a reason it's embarrassing, and that's because it's not good behavior. And by installing the vending machine and taking away the shame, we're now taking one more obstacle away from leading young and inexperienced people down a destructive path.

I suppose that's frowned upon in today's world.

Chuck said...

MK, very good points. What is missing most from all of this is a sense of responsibility, something sorely missing today.

Brooke said...

"There's a reason it's embarrassing, and that's because it's not good behavior."


cube said...

My first thought is that someone is going to make big money from this "venture". Greed only gets greedier.

As the mother of one daughter in college and another in high school about to go to college next year, this is a subject I find upsetting.

We can only hope we have taught our daughters well over the years and they will be able to overcome the temptations of the insane modern world they will inhabit.

Chuck said...

Brooke, agreed

Cube, I think our kids are listening to us