Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just Another Liberal D-bag

Spike Lee tweeted what he thought was the address of George Martin in Florida.

Let's pause right there.

He was asking people to go to this man's house and harass him. There are people putting a bounty on his head. We have the NBPP saying they are going to form a militia to go and get this man. (aside: why the Hell is a black militia okay when a white one is a hate group?).

In short, there are a bunch of whack-jobs out there who would like to harm this man. A man who could very well be guilty of nothing more than protecting himself from an assault.

So what does Spike Lee do? The liberal POS sends the shooters address out so these nuts can go and harm him.

Problem is, that's not even the punch line yet.

It turns out that it was the wrong address. It was the address of a couple in their 70's who have no connection what-so-ever to the case except the misfortune of having a son with a similar name who lived with them briefly more than a decade ago.

That is still not the worst of it.

These people are being harassed. They have the media hounding them. They have gotten hate mail. They have had to move out of their house for their safety.

But we are still not to the worst of it.

This POS liberal refuses to apologize to them. When contacted his staff offered a "no comment".

Spike Lee Won't Apologize, Has 'No Comment' On Terror Tweet

Read the article.

My only hope is these poor people sue this dude into bankruptcy.


Sun Cracked Soul said...

Is anyone surprised?

I'm not.

Chuck said...

Sun, welcome. No, I am not surprised.

Brooke said...

Dumbass Rosanne Barr just tweeted, and then 'oops' deleted Zimmerman's parent's address after his father DARED to defend him.

As for Spike Lee, what a moron. You'd think that he could at least get the victim of his harassment correct! I mean, being hateful is the only thing liberals do well, and they can't even get that right?

cube said...

Leave it to liberals to circumvent the law when it suits them.

I heard on the news today that the ridiculous-looking Spike Lee has settled with the old couple. I hope they took him to the cleaners.

BTW your post reads George Martin. It should be George Zimmerman. Martin is Trayvon's last name.

cube said...

Spike Lee and Rosanne Barr...

Tweedledumb and Tweedlestupid.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

"My only hope is these poor people sue this dude into bankruptcy."

Here here Chuck, I hope so too, this has taken on a whole new level of nastiness and mob justice mentality. These liberals are getting completely out of hand and need to be sued back into their place.

I'm surprised that criminal charges could not be filed against this ratbag and the other one roseanne barr who did the same thing, after all it's essentially incitement to violence. There weren't tweeting addresses so that people can bake cakes for the fellow. They wanted mobs to beat him up or worse.

Z said...

Exposing addresses, some WRONG ones,not apologizing, (our government and others) ignoring the fact that there is a group which has publicly put a bounty on GZimmerman, saying "TM was hunted down like a DAWG", etc etc.
Sharpton and Jackson walking arm in arm in unity against the killer.

Why don't they care about white kids? Why don't they care when black kids are killed by other black kids?

These liberals have no soul, no conscience...........awful

Cube: TweedleDumb and Tweedle DUMBER

Z said...

I just read that Spike Lee did apologize as of Wednesday night and is offering to pay for whatever costs they incurred for his ridiculous actions.

Roseanne Barr apparently did just what Brooke says she did and is threatening to tweet it again if he's not arrested or "go to his house".

Chuck said...


I mean, being hateful is the only thing liberals do well, and they can't even get that right?


Cube, thanks for the correction - too much of a hurry

MK, we need to start with the NBPP with charges

Z, actually some in the black community are pushing back against the circus down there

Z said...

Chuck "Z, actually some in the black community are pushing back against the circus down there"

I'm not at all surprised at that, in fact I'd expect it of my own Black friends... and, sadly, I'm not at all surprised I personally hadn't heard that on TV!

Anonymous said...

You wanna know how it can get worse folks?

Zimmerman in a trial and is found not guilty.
What happened is tragedy,however I have no use whatsoever for Al Sharpton or his sidekick Jessie Jackson
Sharpton and his ilk are setting us up for some real trouble now.
That being said, the ignorant ranting of the race card player, Al Sharpton is showing absolutely no class!
His being there is really a serious injustice to Trayvon’s memory and his family.
There is no possible way Zimmerman could even GET a fair trial IF he should be tried.

They've carried this so far, there doesn't appear to be a peaceful solution.

Sharpton won't be happy until he causes a race war.