Friday, March 23, 2012

Prefer Obama Over Romney - What Do You Think?

Rick Santorum has said if Mitt Romney is the nominee we might as well stick with Obama.

Read the article.

What do you think?

We have also had Newt Gingrich say he will stay in the campaign to try to derail Romney. Not to win, just to keep Romney from winning. His speech after the Mississippi and Alabama primaries bordered on delusional IMHO.

Like or don't like who we have as a choice this year, and I am not a huge fan of any of them, is this kind of rhetoric good for the GOP's prospects in the fall?

How could, for instance, Santorum or Gingrich now come out in the general election and throw their support (and supporters) behind Romney - the likely nominee?

Bottom line, they are writing campaign commercials for the Dems.

I wonder, and, as I said this is far from an endorsement, if it is time for Santorum and Gingrich to man up and step aside.

Gingrich was done when he started. His campaign has been a joke all along.

Santroum fought the good fight but, it's over. If he can't see this by now he's an idiot. He would have to get about 75% of the delegates from here out, in states where he is mostly trailing. There are some inspirational come-back stories, this isn't one of them.

Ron Paul, forget about it. He's quaint and a little crazy but completely irrelevant. He's hanging out until the end to give his supporters a voice at the convention. I'm not opposed to this. I actually respect it. And yes, it is different than trying to undermine the front runner like Newt is doing.

Forget a brokered convention. At best this would be disastrous for the GOP. What kind of dumb-asses do we look like to the swing voters if we cannot even choose a nominee? That inspires trust.

Also, who would be the nominee? Think Romney's supporters are going to be rabid supporters of a candidate that did not get any votes in the primary and was chosen instead by the party bosses? Should they be?

Think Romney is going to quietly go away if he has 85 - 90% of the delegates needed when no one else generated 40 - 50%? Should he?

The question for these gentleman becomes, which is more important - their country and party or their ego.

What are your thoughts?


Brooke said...

"Bottom line, they are writing campaign commercials for the Dems."

Chuck, you've said it all with this line.

Pity, I liked Santorum; now all he's doing is sucking sour grapes over his inevitable loss. Comments such as the one he made don't help; they just hurt, and as you said, it WILL wind up in an Obama campaign commercial of some sort.

cube said...

It's unfortunate that these comments are going to be used by the left, but individuality is
expected when our party doesn't march in lock step with the daily talking points from the supreme leader.

Always On Watch said...

Santorum is wrong on this one.

You know, I used to think highly of Santorum. I don't now. He's "stepped in it" too often for me to continue to support him!

sue hanes said...

Chuck - I think there is a lot of ego involed here - mainly because none of the Republican candidates believe - in their Heart - that they are going to win.

But Mitt Romney could give President Obama a run for his money.

This is the first I heard that Rick Santorum would rather have Barack Obama as President than Mitt Romney.

I thought birds of a feather stuck together. They are all Republicans - aren't they?

That's what leads me to Believe that it is - in fact - an ego thing.

Thanks - Chuck.

Chuck said...

Brooke, I kind of liked Santorum at first but once I git to know more about him he seemed a little whiny to me.

Cube, good point

AOW, exactly

Sue, it's actually the first time he's said it out loud. As to the general election, I think it very well may be Romney's to lose.

I have been posting this for months. I think Obama's in deep doo-doo if one reads between the lines on polls.

Z said...

CHuck, I didn't like Santorum as much in the beginning as I did a month or so back, but then his prodding Dems to vote in the Republican primary in an Open Voting State (can't remember which one) so they could screw Romney that way was WAAAY beyond the pale. There was something else he did that also showed me he's in it all for HIMSELF, and that really surprised me because I'd finally believed in his sincerity, values, etc.

Now this? You are so right; the Republicans should be paid for writing DNC commercials for Obama '12. SO, Obama's got the media on his side (free) and Republicans on his side now (free) can he lose?

I don't think Obama's in 'deep doo doo', sadly.....I think there isn't a way he could lose. With this Republican campaigning for him, with the fraud we can expect, with the free media support, with the HUGE campaign budget he has, and the way he's lying about his record and Republicans are blocked out of the media most Americans watch?

Did you hear that RUsh's 'slut' comment was covered 40 times in 10 days by one network alone, and Maher's C word, etc., and Ed Schultz's remarks had ZERO play? Not ONE mainstream media critical?
typical. "Republicans are the bad guys because we the media won't tell you the truth"...that's powerful stuff.

How can we win?
I feel like we're not in AMerica anymore, Dorothy. Grab Toto and click those red shoes.

Chuck said...

Z, I stand by what I say. Not to argue because you know I respect what you say. I think a lot of that is not in play this time around.

-Obama is having trouble fund raising.

-People are simply not turning to the MSM for their news anymore.

-Gas prices are going to shove us headfirst into another economic meltdown, prices are were they should be in July. We are just starting on our way up for the annual summer increase.

-I think this shooting in Florida is going to blow up in his face like so many other race cases he has waded into.

-He is making an incredible mistake continuing to tout solar power, this gives the GOP an opening for Solyndra.

-The GOP House is going to spend their summer looking into Fst and Furious, Solyndra, etc.

-His Obamakare is being debated in SCOTUS. I don't think there is win for him in this. It is unpopular with the public. SCOTUS sides with him, we are stuck with it. SCOTUS overturns it, he looks like an idiot.

I think there is a lot that can derail him this year.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

"The question for these gentleman becomes, which is more important - their country and party or their ego."

If Gingrich and Santorum really said that, then I guess we know where they stand. It's shameful and unfitting of prospective leaders, to hate their fellow conservatives more than they love their country.